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For us to win UK City of Culture 2021, we need your support. Your stories and messages of support will drive the bid and will help ensure that your voice and the voice of the city is heard as we work to win this competition.

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"They say home is where the heart is, and my heart has always been in Coventry. I’ve thought hard about why I feel so passionate and proud about this humble Midland City, and why I feel so happy and at home being within its borders. I think it comes down to it playing a large part in shaping me, my choice of career & hobbies, and what drives me today. As kids we would make many trips into town, embracing Coventry's modernist spirit when walking around Sir Donald Gibson’s precinct and Sir Basil Spence's Cathedral, or when visiting the Herbert and the Transport Museum, and when going swimming at Fairfax Street baths, and to shows and pantomimes at the Belgrade Theatre. I loved the City's planned streetscape, the bold and unfussy appearance of its buildings, and its imposing elevated ring road, where as a child I loved gazing out of the car across the City's skyline of spires and tower blocks. The old left an equally strong impression; you can't help but feel in awe as you walk through the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, and as you reflect on how it came to be and the strong symbolic link it creates with the new cathedral. I find Coventry inspiring and beautiful and it has driven my career working in the built environment. Both the City's medieval and progressive modernist architecture are something to celebrate. Coventry had confidence in itself after the war, and it is finding that again now. Knowing people that worked at the City's Massey Ferguson, Jaguar and Peugeot factories, and visiting those factories and their sports & social clubs was exciting for a young Cov Kid. Seeing these large, commanding places of industry sitting cheek by jowl with houses and my modernist senior school gave me a buzz. Running the Cov Fun Run for the first time and actually doing quite well in it, is an experience that has stuck with me. I loved racing alongside the hundreds of other runners, being cheered on by the crowds, running under makeshift showers people had erected in the street and sprinting down the avenue of trees in the War Memorial Park. These were my streets I was pounding, and have continued to pound ever since. I will never forget my first experiences of an atmospheric floodlit evening football match at Highfield Road and the Ricoh Arena, the smell of petrol at a Brandon speedway meeting, players slamming against the Perspex sides at a Skydome ice hockey game, and watching rugby being played on a rain soaked pitch at Coundon Road and the Butts. It makes you realise we are lucky to have such a rich sporting heritage in the City. I have been able to see some amazing live bands at the Colly and the Godiva Festival and recognising songs like Ghost Town, A Message to You Rudy and Gangsters without ever having to consciously sit down to listen to them is a skill only a Cov Kid can have. I don't think you can be anything other than proud when you understand Coventry's history and the massive potential you see within it. The current success of City's two universities, along with the inventors, engineers, poets and musicians that can call Coventry their home, are worthy of the legacy of the City's most treasured icon - Lady Godiva. To me the City has always felt grounded and honest, in its appearance, in its industry, and in its culture; it's the city that raised me and contributed to shaping the life I have now. This is Coventry! And it's ours! And this is Coventry's time!"



"A fabulous city, with an amazing diverse heritage. "

Drake-Johnson Services Ltd


"Coventry is the best!"



"Love the diversity of Coventry "

Vicky brookes


"Nexus ICA & Izzy are backing the Coventry City of Culture bid!"



"I really believe Coventry as a city and I think it is such a great diverse cultural city. I am of African descent but I now live in Coventry and I feel at home."


Earlsdon Coventry

"Coventry is recognised around the world for its peace and reconciliation, time to add culture to this list. I'm backing the Coventry 2021 Bid."

Gavin Lloyd


"We love Coventry. Great place, great culture , great people. Our favourite place to spend time. Thank you Coventry. "

Lynne & Tom


"I love the diversity we have in Coventry, so many different nationalities and cultures to embrace - makes great opportunity to engage with this to make this an amazing place"



"Coventry - capital of ska!"

Erik Doek


"Love the city and all its medieval history "



"Coventry is a brilliant place for our students to visit with so much to see and do. Good luck in your bid for City of Culture"

Louisa Enock

Leamington Spa