Visit Coventry

Plan Your Visit

The UK City of Culture ‘Travel Assistant’ helps visitors get the best routes, personalised travel updates, and exclusive digital content when traveling to venues and events. It’s free-to-use, there’s nothing to download and you can quickly and easily ‘plan your trip’ to venues, events and points of interest in Coventry. Recommended routes are set to maximise social distancing during transit as much as possible.

Where to stay

Whether you're visiting for leisure or business, Coventry has a range of accommodations to suit different budgets. Here is a handy list to get you started.

Coventry for Families

There’s lots to keep all ages busy, have fun and be creative during City of Culture without breaking the bank. From Allesley Silas to The Lost Lending Library, there’s plenty to do in Coventry for the young - and the young at heart. 

Coventry for Theatre & Arts

Coventry’s theatre scene offers a diverse calendar of productions, from musicals and plays to traditional pantomimes and comedy. Plus, with a selection of contemporary works, you’ll be immersed in a world of wonder and arty displays in unique locations across the city.

Coventry for Music Lovers

We’re known as the city that gave 2-Tone Music to the world, and our love of music continues to grow with a mix of local, breaking and established bands and artists. So, you can be sure that music is a huge part of our City of Culture celebrations.

Coventry for Foodies

One of the best ways to experience Coventry’s eclectic mix of cultures is through the flavour-tingling options available when it comes to food and drink. One thing’s for sure when you’re in Coventry - your taste buds will thank you.

Coventry for LGBT+ Visitors

Coventry celebrates diverse LGBT+ communities in the city and around the UK, and with a number of locations across the city centre, invites everyone to get involved and enjoy what is on offer. Cover image by Dylan Parrin.

Coventry for Green Visitors

Coventry has a long history of environmental activity. With art and culture as a vehicle, we are daring to dream big and deliver an environmentally conscious City of Culture programme that reimagines a “Green Future”.

More Things to Do in Coventry

Coventry is not only the UK City of Culture 2021, it is also home to countless unexpected delights like a quirky homage to 11th-century Lady Godiva, the fastest car in the world, the boho FarGo Village and unique local delicacies including the Coventry God Cake.