We Come Far

4 JULY 2021 

The Curious Club – A co-production between CBGC, Coventry City Of Culture Trust and Grapevine 

We Come Far

With The Curious Club 

WE COME FAR is an artist-led walk around the urban and green spaces of the city, kick-starting a range of wellbeing events specifically aimed at reaching men (defined as those who identify as men) aged 25-55. 

Led by The Curious Club, WE COME FAR invites men who want to connect with others, learn what the Curious Club is all about and explore their creativity through photography, sound design, music culture, writing/spoken word poetry or physical activity/movement.

Beginning in July, 24 men will be invited to join the movement and, in groups of six, will be led on a three-hour art and wellbeing walk by an ‘artist in (bubble) residence’. 

A pre-prepared WELL CURIOSITY pack will be sent to each participant ahead of the workshop which will include content specific to the artform they are interested in.

During the walk, participants will be invited to engage with tasks set by the artists/practitioners, taking moments to rest, reflect, creatively express themselves with items provided and chat along the way.

A lead member of The Curious Club will join each bubble and prior to the walk, the 24 selected to join will be sent a creative pack with contents, which will be used during the walk. 

The event will culminate in a local park where the bubbles will safely meet at a distance and have a chance to share what they have created, before being handed a Curious Club pin badge and a code to unlock secret online content. 


The Curious Club is a growing community of local creatives, led by two black British-Caribbean dads, Gordon and Cory, who care about men and their wellbeing.

The ‘club’ is about being curious to meet new people, to try new things and do it because as men from diverse backgrounds, we need to connect with likeminded people who can validate our experiences (and have some fun!)

This wellbeing programme, WELL CURIOUS, reaches out to other dads and lads across the region, using music, podcasts, fashion, and the outdoors to build relationships and tackle isolation. 

The Curious Club defy stereotypes and look to evolve with organisations and individuals who seek to do the same. Their values of wellbeing and community guides everything they do and they particularly care about building relationships with local Black men. 

“We are ordinary men and we are starting an extraordinary club”

WE COME FAR is the first of a series of events which will happen under the WELL CURIOUS programme. It is part of the Caring City programme for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021, funded by Spirit of 2012.