The Unplugged Series: Digital Gallery



Take your creativity to the next level with eight weeks of masterclasses on your chosen field:

  • Digital media (starts Thursday 10 Dec)
  • Theatre and performance (starts Friday 11 Dec)
  • Spoken word (starts Sunday 13 Dec)

To take part in this amazing opportunity to develop your creative skills and showcase your work as part of City of Culture, apply now by answering a few short questions below:


The Unplugged Series is led by Coventry City of Culture Trust and Positive Youth Foundation, with funding from Youth Music and Spirit of 2012.

Image: The Unplugged Series logo.

Image: The Unplugged Series logo.



Take a virtual walk through The Unplugged Series Digital Gallery to see brand new works by a collective of aspiring Coventry artists aged 13 to 25.

They all took part in an eight-week mentoring programme during lockdown, designed to combat the effect of COVID-19 on arts and youth provision in Coventry.

Their final work, which includes rap, poetry, visual art, photography and much more, responds to the following themes: the role of social media post-lockdown, the importance of role models within creative industries and what life could look like after lockdown.

The Unplugged Series was run by Positive Youth Foundation and the Caring City team at Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. It was funded by Youth Music. The Caring City team is supported by Spirit of 2012.

We'd love to hear what you think of the Digital Gallery. Please give us your thoughts via our feedback form:

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The Unplugged Series logo, showing two hands reaching to plug two electric cables together.

The Unplugged Series logo, showing two hands reaching to plug two electric cables together.

If the gallery isn't showing correctly on your device, try accessing it on the Artsteps website

“Over quarantine I've been practising different types of photography & digital media. The Unplugged Series taught me to experiment with my medium & the importance of feedback. I'm going to reach my goal of becoming a tour photographer.”

- Liv, 20 years old

Mapping Cov title page, showing the Google Maps app icon

Mapping Cov title page, showing the Google Maps app icon


While taking part in The Unplugged Series, Margarida Vasconcelos created 'Mapping Cov'. It's a piece of post-photography that reflects her time as a student at Coventry University, and allows her to share it with friends and family in her home country of Portugal.


"I’m currently a student on the Fine Art course here in Coventry. For this project I’ve been concerned with shadows and how shadows can function as a way into understanding digital forms of media. Shadows are ambiguous and elusive in nature. They are there, then gone. Shadows remain for a moment until that moment gradually fades. There is no ambition to capture a shadow, but yet a shadow can confirm spaces that are real, even though that very space can remain unknowable – empty. Digital forms of communication can too, like a shadow remain unknowable. In these moments between waiting and full resolution to the picture, there is a silent hum – a vision of empty, a temporal plane of what could be, but never is."

- Lucy

Watch the video above to hear what 13-year-old Isaiah enjoyed about being part of The Unplugged Series. (Subtitles provided)

"The project has been a huge success so far, and we have seen some excellent work created. The masterclasses have been based around everything from digital art and music to creative writing and storytelling. The project has taught us a new way of engaging with young people and demonstrated that technology and working online can be extremely positive. It is certainly something we will learn from and look to implement even after lockdown.”

- Rashid Bhayat, Chief Executive of Positive Youth Foundation

Watch the video above to hear from Dayah, who has been creating art around the topic of role models in the creative industry as part of The Unplugged Series. (Subtitles provided)