Access Information

We are committed to engaging as many of Coventry’s citizens and visitors
as possible as we develop and deliver the City of Culture 2021

This includes ensuring that all our communication with the public, our artists and our teams is accessible.

We will do this by creating accessible and inclusive design, language and content for our digital platforms

In line with our wider Access Strategy which focuses on access from the perspective of disability, we will continue throughout our work to learn, to improve and to respond to feedback. 

We are committed to working with experts in the cultural sector, including disability-led organisations and professionals with lived experience, both local and national.

We will always seek new opportunities to develop and also welcome feedback from those who engage with our work.

We recognise this work is not finished and will be developing this page, and our access work, in line with the feedback we receive from the public, industry professionals and working groups.

If you have any questions or feedback related to our Marketing and Communications access policy, please contact [email protected] or 02476 998 221.

Find out more by reading our Access Guidelines below.

Our Access Guidelines - Marketing and Communications

Our Access Guidelines - Marketing and Communications Large Print


Peace Poem at University of Warwick

Peace Poem at University of Warwick

Access Card

Coventry City of Culture Trust sells tickets through our partners at The Ticket Factory. The Ticket Factory are signed up to the Access Card in order to make booking access tickets as simple as possible. This includes booking tickets for a personal assistant or carer.

There are two options

1) Sign up for the free Ticket Factory linked Access Card. You will only have to do this once and then your access requirements will be linked to your account. You will not receive a physical card and you will have to apply separately to other venues / ticket registration schemes.

2) For £15, for 3 years, you can sign up to the wider Access Card scheme. You will receive a physical card and be able to use it to book access tickets from other approved providers.

Please note, it can take up to 72hrs for your Access Card to be processed. If you would prefer a physical Access Card you can purchase one for £15 for three years.

If you have any questions, contact The Ticket Factory on 0800 640 5001 (open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm).

Find out more and register



Access Card Registration
3 year cost £0 £15
Recognised at NEC Venues X X
Way to communicate your needs with privacy   X
Photo ID card with symbols relating to need   X
Recognised at venues and events across UK and beyond   X
Potential free companion tickets at events and venues across UK   X
Informative online access directory   X
Closed Facebook Community Group    



Access Card

Image of the Access Card

Image of the Access Card

What is the Access Card?

Information, Evidence, Discounts and Opportunities for Disabled People.

The Access Card is a card like no other; it translates your disability / impairment into symbols that highlight the barriers you face and the reasonable adjustments you might need.

Think of it like a Disability Passport.

This then informs providers quickly and discreetly about the support you need and may gain you access to things like discounted ticket prices and complex reasonable adjustments without having to go into loads of personal detail.

It is all based on your rights under the Equality Act and providers' responsibilities.

Making the most of our website

Our website incorporates UserWay’s Accessibility Widget. This widget can always be found at the bottom right hand side of every page of our website. This is a free, optional choice for all visitors to our website to use if they wish.

The widget offers a broad selection of functions that you can mix and match to meet your individual accessibility needs.

Each of the functions below can be turned on or off and most can be set to your requirements. 

The UserWay widget includes optional settings for:

  • Getting around the website with options for keyboard navigation, screen reading and a large cursor option. 

  • Reading options including increasing the text size, changing fonts/typefaces, highlighting links, text spacing and tooltips to show alternative text and aria labels.

  • You can tailor the presentation of the webpages you visit by toggling the light and dark mode options to adjust contrast themes, colour inversion and the option to stop animations.

  • There is also a reading guide for users who are visually impaired, those who live with a cognitive disability, and those who experience Presbyopia (near-vision impairment).
UserWay's Accessible Widget

UserWay's Accessible Widget