Brand Guidelines

We use a website called Brand Cloudlines to host brand guidelines that will take you through the building blocks of our visual identity.

This website will take you through the strategic positioning of the brand, the inspiration and origin of our graphic system, and how to implement our design assets.

You will need to request access which will be authorised by a member of the Marketing Team.

Request Access to Brand Cloudlines

Coventry has a rich history as a post war 'city of the future'.

We want to celebrate this and build pride in the city and its architecture.

The 2021 identity is inspired by Coventry's modernist environment. Inspired by the relationship between it and the community.

It shows how the city’s citizens and bold architectural aesthetic can work together. Fusing bold graphic styles with images of the city and all that is great about it.

It also plays on the innovations, movements and stories that have come to characterise the city. Weaving them throughout our visual world.

The energy and movement of Coventry’s souls.

The modern beauty and power of Coventry itself.