Plan Your Visit

The UK City of Culture ‘Travel Assistant’ helps visitors get the best routes, personalised travel updates, and exclusive digital content when traveling to venues and events. It’s free-to-use, there’s nothing to download and you can quickly and easily ‘plan your trip’ to venues, events and points of interest in Coventry. Recommended routes are set to maximise social distancing during transit as much as possible.

Plan Your Visit

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Download the App

We’ve created the ultimate app to help you find amazing cultural experiences, unlock rewards and make the most of your visit. The Coventry City of Culture App is your guide to the programme, right in the palm of your hand.

Visit the City of Culture shop

Discover a range of branded Coventry 2021 merchandise, from clothing and postcards to bespoke and artisanal items, as well as a ticketing service and information on upcoming events. Visit in-store at 31-35 Hertford Street. 

More Things to Do in Coventry

Coventry is not only the UK City of Culture 2021, it is also home to countless unexpected delights like a quirky homage to 11th-century Lady Godiva, the fastest car in the world, the boho FarGo Village and unique local delicacies including the Coventry God Cake.