Amplify Your Event Taking Place In Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

Are you planning an event in Coventry or Warwickshire that will take place during our year as UK City of Culture? We’d love to help you sell tickets for it and reach new audiences.

Introducing Amplify Your Event – a FREE, easy way for event organisers across the region to sell tickets to their events online, get a listing on our website, as well as many other benefits.

You will get:

  • a listing on the Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 website
  • an online sales platform to link to from anywhere on the internet
  • support from Coventry City of Culture Trust to co-ordinate the setup and administration of event ticketing
  • the opportunity to be part of our marketing and communication campaigns across the year
  • regular emails from us, including sales reports, booking lists, and data insights about your bookers

Plus, it improves the experience for your bookers, too. They will receive:

  • booking confirmation by email
  • e-tickets delivered via email
  • an email reminder for the event

If you’re interested, read on, and when you’re ready...



How does it work?

Step 1

Submit your event details via the AMPLIFY YOUR EVENT form at least 7 days before your onsale date.

Step 2

Your event will be checked by our team and if there are any queries, we will contact you. When your event is approved, you will receive an email 5 days before your onsale date.

Step 3

We will setup your event on our system and email you with the online listing link no later than 3 days before your onsale date.

Step 4

Your event is listed and tickets are onsale!

Step 5

We will keep you updated on ticket sales daily by email if applicable and support you with promoting your event with inclusion on our weekly announcement e-mail and publication on our social media platforms.

Step 6

No later than 4 hours before your event we will send you a list of customers and a final sales report.

Step 7

Details of customers who have consented to receive email communications are sent via secure transfer within 3 days after your event.

Step 8

If you are charging for tickets, we will pay you within 14 days after your event.

"We were looking to welcome visitors back to Coventry Cathedral in a simple and safe way to the range of events that we offer, from exhibitions to outdoor theatre, family events and more. Using the Amplify Your Event service from Coventry City of Culture Trust enables us to list our events online and manage visitor numbers through ticketing. We also feel the benefit of added exposure with marketing and communications support."

Coventry Cathedral events team


Where do I submit my event?


Can I use the City of Culture logo on my posters, flyers and online content?

Yes you can, details about our Taking Place In logo and its use can be found below.

My event is not ticketed, can I still list my event?

If you are planning an event in Coventry and Warwickshire that does not require ticketing, we'd love to list it in our What's On page online. Please complete the simple online form with the details and we'll take it from there.

I run an attraction; can I sell my tickets through City of Culture?

The Amplify Your Event service is intended to support organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire to be able to sell tickets for and promote live events. We can help you by listing events such as art exhibitions, plays, gigs, recitals, talks, dance shows, family events and comedy. We are not able to support events that do not have a performance, arts, or culture basis. If you're not sure if your event qualifies, email us.

Can I be listed if I'm selling tickets elsewhere?

We can only offer the Amplify Your Event service for ticketed events if we are selling some tickets for your event for you. We won't link to any ticket agents other than our official ticketing partner, The Ticket Factory. 

I don’t know all of the details about my event yet, can I still upload my info?

Using the online event submission form you can start to list the details of your event in one place and come back to it when you have more information. We won't be able to list your event until the basic details are confirmed. We don't want your visitors to be confused!

What happens if I need to cancel/change the details of my events?

We know that when putting on live events, things can change. Once your event has been listed with The Ticket Factory using our online event submission form, if you have any changes you need to make to your event, email us and we can help you to amend the details of your event. 

My company is a registered charity, can you collect donations for us?

If you provide your Registered Charity Number we can ask customers for a £5 donation at check out.

I have an email mailing list, am I able to contact customers?

If you have a Privacy Policy we can link to, that details how you use the personal data supplied, we can ask for consent on behalf of your organisation to receive future emails about events, news and ticket offers. The consented data will be supplied to you on maturity of your event.

How do I make sure my event is as accessible as possible for disabled people?

There are some simple ways you can make your event more accessible. We really like this blog from Celebrating Disability which has some great pointers.

Who can I contact for more information?

We'd love to discuss the details of your event with you and ways that we can support you. If after you have read our guide to the Amplify Your Event service you have an unanswered question, please email us.

Add our Taking Place In logo to your promotions

The 'TAKING PLACE IN' logo is for events that Coventry City of Culture Trust aren’t involved in, but that are taking place in 2021. If you have created an event that’s taking place in Coventry between May 2021 and May 2022, you can use this logo to let audiences know that it’s taking place during Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture, and that it is part of the celebrations across the city.

Logo usage guidelines:

• The colour logo is for use on white backgrounds.

• The black and white logos are intended for colour backgrounds, using the version that gives the best contrast.

• In all instances, please ensure both the logo and text above can be seen clearly.

 Please do not: stretch or squash the logo; rotate the logo; edit the logo in any way.

You must have the appropriate council and licensing permissions and public liability insurance in place for your event to be able to use the Taking Place In logo.

Download the Taking Place In Logos 

Full colour, white and black variants are listed below.


You are responsible for setting your own prices and for supplying all event detail on the online submission form. If you are using the basic service you will need to make arrangements for ticketing services on the day at your event, including staffing and hardware where necessary. If you decide to use some of our enhanced services there may be shared responsibilities and we can discuss with you what you require.

We are responsible for checking and approving your event and ensuring that your event is listed in good time. We will provide the booking link to you and all additional services follow via email.

the small print...

All ticketed events are subject to our ticketing services agreement and event listings must comply with our website and app terms of use.

Make sure you check them out before you Amplify Your Event