Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. View the whole team below or click on the department titles to view each of its members. 

We have three creative producing teams with specific remits around caring for our local community and the issues faced, collaborating with people and organisations in the city and developing a dynamic programme led by a team who will be future-facing, pioneering new partnerships, new ways of working and people-powered.

For more information on the regionally-based Collaborative City team please view our map here: Collaborative City Map

Martin Sutherland

Chief Executive

Laura McMillan

Director of Audience Strategy

Liz Wainwright

Director of Operations

Chenine Bhathena

Creative Director

Jasmin Jones

Executive Assistant

Fran Hick

Executive Assistant

Helene Gray

PA to the Directors

Jenine Martin

Creative Assistant

Hannah Graham

Producer Mental Health and Wellbeing & Programme Manager Reform The Norm, Caring City

Shukry Adan

Arts and Homelessness Project Coordinator, Caring City

Ann-Marie Leighton

Associate Producer - Young Peoples Engagement, Caring City

Josie Bamford

Senior Producer, Caring City

Sophie George

Associate Producer, Caring City

Umar Sujad

Caring City Apprentice

Molly Adkins

Producer, South East, Collaborative City

Jacqui Ibbotson

Programmes Manager and Producer, North West, Collaborative City

Navkiran Mann

Producer North East, Foleshill and Longford, Collaborative City

Alice Williams

Producer North East, Henley and Wyken, Collaborative City

Coby Walsh

Love Coventry Programme Coordinator, Collaborative City

Zahra Khalifa

Collaborative City Creative Apprentice

Jon Davis

Senior Producer, Dynamic City

Andy Reeves

Education and Young People Programme Manager, Dynamic City

Alex Talbott

International and Youthfulness Programme Manager, Dynamic City

Hannah Rouse

Green Futures Coordinator, Dynamic City

Tom Mills

Head of Food & Beverage & Visitor Experience

Lola Spetsioti

Visitor Experience Manager

Sarah Kenny

Visitor Experience Lead

Emma Harrabin

Commercial Manager

Liam Bayliss

Events Operations Manager

Alexander Beard

Digital Gallery Venue Manager

Chloee French

Commercial Events Apprentice

Tony Guillan

Digital Curator, Dynamic City

Byron Biroli

Exhibitions Curator

Cara Pickering

Visual Arts Programme Producer, Dynamic City

Amber Merrick-Potter

Project Producer, Green Futures Programme, Dynamic City

Ruth Richardson

Head of Team Development

Billy Partridge

Head of Ticketing

Sam Gould

Ticketing Officer

Carolyn Young

Ticketing Supervisor

Samuel Williams

Ticketing Apprentice

Hayley Pepler

Head of Content and Digital Broadcast

Katie Paling

Website and Social Media Manager

Heather Kincaid

Digital Content Producer

Hollie Edwards

Communications Apprentice

Jen Marscheider

Head of Marketing

Louise Sinclair

Head of Marketing (Events)

Ollinton Matthews-Parris

Marketing Manager

Emma Lloyd

Marketing Manager

Yimi Liu

Marketing Officer

Francis Stojsavljevic

Marketing Officer

Ella Hinton

Marketing Assistant

Erin Ullah

Marketing Apprentice

Aaron Keane

Graphic Designer

Liz Draper

Head of Corporate Partnerships

Nicole Malatesta

Corporate Development Manager

Laura Pottinger

Trusts and Foundations Manager

Emma Segal

Development Events Manager

Annabel Decoust

Development Team Administrator

Omar Diallo

Fundraising Apprentice

Jonathan Brett

Management Accountant

Prudence Illene

Senior Finance Officer

Satish Chauhan

Budgetary Controller

Lorna Thomas


Shannon Mills

Finance Apprentice

Harry Emery

Finance Apprentice

Mark Scott

Monitoring and Data Manager

Jakub Jezierski

Monitoring Officer

Daisy Edwards

Data Support Officer

Baljit Singh Sambhi

Monitoring and Data Apprentice

Hector Macpherson Brown

Head of Event Operations

Bethan Davies

Head of Production

Carys Tavener

Production Manager

Claire Manley

Production Manager

Catherine Partridge

Production Coordinator

Lorna Nickson Brown

Production Coordinator

Sophie Humphries

Production and Engagement Coordinator

Beth Kiddie

Production Apprentice

Bushra Khan

Programme Apprentice

Eleanor Mottram

Head of Programme

Jamie Wright

Programme Contracts Officer

Vashti Waite

Senior Producer

Mimi Poskitt

Senior Executive Producer

Laura Waller

Disability Inclusion Manager

Chief Inspector Helen Kirkman

Policing lead City of Culture Team

Sally Duff

Project manager City of Culture Team

Kerry Blakeman

Co-ordination, readiness and Operational Delivery Lead

Catherine Stock

Community Engagement, Partnership Development, Problem Solving and Evaluation Lead

Sgt Julie Harrison

Community Engagement, Partnership Development, Problem Solving and Evaluation

Sgt Amy Wright

Co-ordination and readiness, operational delivery

Tam Kaur Gulati

Leadership Programme Coordinator

Robyn Clements

Team Administrator

Ruby Lewis

Business Admin Apprentice

Sarah Lovsey

Head of Retail

Jake Bartle

Delegates manager

Emily Coleman

Delegates Manager

Jane Wynn

Governance Support Officer