Changemakers and Shakers: Digital Gallery

What makes a creative changemaker? How do their journeys begin? In January 2020, we took four artists to work with young people over 10 weeks in their safe spaces from Positive Youth Foundation and Creative Optimistic Visions, to creatively explore the provocation:

"What does a young person need from their city to feel safe?"

For young people, this programme has been a journey of creative exploration, of their city, of their story and of their communities. They give us a real insight into what safety looks and feels like for them, the challenges they face from knife crime to mental health and their visions of the future.

Over 10 weeks, the young people went on a journey of creative transformation, from first experiences of writing poetry, rap, and choreography, and visual art to using their creative platforms to share their stories and desires of becoming creative role models in their communities.

Welcome to Changemakers and Shakers.

Thank you to Spirit of 2012, Heart of England Rotary District 1060 and Rotary Clubs of Coventry including Coventry, Coventry Breakfast, Coventry Jubilee, Coventry North and Coventry Phoenix.

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Image: A painted artwork from the Changemakers and Shakers Digital Gallery, with the words 'Make a Change'.

Image: A painted artwork from the Changemakers and Shakers Digital Gallery, with the words 'Make a Change'.

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We interviewed three of the artists to find out what the Changemakers and Shakers project means to them. We asked how they feel about being role models for others, what safety means to them and what they think a role model is. Subtitles provided.

The Changemakers and Shakers project was delivered by Positive Youth Foundation, Creative Optimistic Visions and Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. It was funded by Spirit of 2012 and five Rotary Clubs in Coventry: Coventry Club, Coventry Jubilee, Coventry Phoenix, Coventry North and Coventry Breakfast.