Coventry x Volgograd Digital Tablecloth Call-Out

Coventry x Volgograd Digital Tablecloth

Due to recent events, we have taken the decision to postpone the public sharing of the Tablecloth. This is absolutely no reflection on those involved in the project, but we feel this is the right course of action for now.

You can read more information about the decision to postpone the project here.

Open call for submissions

We want you to submit your photos to appear in a Digital Tablecloth, a collaboration between Coventry and Volgograd, one of our twin cities.

The Tablecloth will recreate the first recorded act of twinning in the shape of an interactive photo exhibition.

Residents of Coventry and Warwickshire are invited to send in photos from the past or present that show 'What Makes Your City Home.' The photos will be converted into over 300 QR Codes and printed onto a giant tablecloth, which will tour both Russia and UK in 2022.

What Makes Your City Home?

We know “home” could be one of many things. Some say it's where they rest their head. Others define “home” by the area their families are from. Whether it’s the local park you spent your Summers growing up, or restaurant that sells the cuisines of your country, “home” can mean many things. We want to see what makes Coventry “home” to you.

The type of image can range from an old polaroid to a brand-new digital photo, we are keen to represent both the past and present.

Images that are unique to your experience and personal to you are best. We can’t include multiple duplicates of the same image e.g., photos of the same Coventry landmark unless they are markedly different.


Before you submit your photos, please read the submission guidelines by clicking the link to the full brief below.




You can submit your photos through our online form by clicking 'SUBMIT ONLINE' below.

Alternatively, you can visit us at a pop-up photo station in person - here, you can come in with your printed photo and we can scan them into our system. Contact Roze Navab ([email protected]) for more details.

Submissions close: Friday 15 October 2021.


The Coventry x Volgograd project is produced by Twin Studios Project with support from Coventry City of Culture Trust, Leaders of Change and Volgograd State Medical University.