International Youth Day 2021


Photography by Fivesixphotography.


Today is International Youth Day 2021. 


Coventry is a youthful city at its heart, as well as innovative and a city known for change. Youthfulness was one of the six “Energies” at the heart of our signature event, Coventry Moves, represented by spoken word poet John Bernard.  


Coventry Moves: Youthfulness - Defying Gravity - YouTube 


Here at the City of Culture Trust, our Youthful Cities programme is dedicated to celebrating young creatives from Coventry and all over the world and allowing them to connect and share their experiences. This ambitious project will see young people from Coventry working with groups in Bogota, Detroit, Beirut and Nairobi to respond to the Youthful Cities index, developing projects around digital storytelling, street art, poetry and music.  


Workshops are now underway, with two poetry events – Global Words and Transnational Lag – set to take place as part of the upcoming BBC Contains Strong Language festival. Look out for more updates coming very soon! 


Meanwhile, we’re also excited to be opening up our City Hosts programme to allow more young people to get involved. Initially, our volunteering opportunities have been for those aged 18+, but by working with local youth organisations, we are beginning to recruit young people aged 16 and 17, offering them a chance to gain valuable experience.  


We would like to thank all of our current youth volunteers for their work so far and our partners at CUSU and EnV for their support of the programme.