Tickets: FROM £30
Coventry Assembly Festival Garden: The Garden Little Park Street, Coventry CV1 2UR
Sat 10 Jul 2021 @ 09.00

Big Tent Ideas Festival 2021

Sat 10 Jul 2021 @ 09.00
Coventry Assembly Festival Garden: The Garden
Little Park Street, Coventry CV1 2UR Show on map
Duration: 10 hours
FROM £30

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Ticket Office open from 8.30am Saturday 10 July.

How do we make sure the UK City of Culture title creates lasting change in Coventry?

Join us for a day of conversation, discussion and debate exploring how the UK City of Culture could be a catalyst for cultural and economic regeneration in 2021 and beyond.

At the Big Tent Ideas Festival, you’ll meet local communities, politicians, visionaries, inspirational entrepreneurs and national and local leaders. You’ll encounter new perspectives and build new relationships. You will have a chance to:

  • Engage with and challenge political, social and business leaders to influence their thinking as we rebuild Britain.
  • Explore and understand the groundbreaking technologies and innovations set to transform the country.
  • Play your part in shaping the future - economically, socially and culturally. 

While you're here, you will find out about the exciting opportunities being developed in Coventry, the West Midlands and beyond.

  • GREEN GROWTH SESSIONS: the companies and technologies shaping tomorrow.
  • HEALTHY GROWTH SESSIONS:  brilliant Life Science and Health Technology changing healthcare in our area.
  • CREATIVE GROWTH SESSIONS: the extraordinary creative economy here in Coventry.
  • GLOBAL INTERCONNECTIVITY SESSIONS: how the UK's future survival is dependent on international action

As the UK City of Culture 2021, Coventry is uniquely placed to kick-start the post-Covid recovery and lead the UK in its vision for a greener, healthier and creative society.  The festival has an overarching theme of healthier, cleaner and creative growth.

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Speakers' Corner: your opportunity to harangue a minister!

FREE to all Big Tent ticket holders.

Is there a particular political or societal issue where you have something to say? Do you have an idea about regeneration? Do you think your idea could make a difference?

The Big Tent is the festival where local communities meet politicians, think tanks, entrepreneurs, experts and leaders from all walks of life face to face.

Speakers’ Corner is now taking bookings for fifteen minute slots throughout the day and it’s an opportunity for you to stand up and tell the audience about your idea or issue - and be heard!

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