The Lost Lending Library is landing in Coventry from 25 October at the newly refurbished Drapers Hall. We sit down with Peter Higgin, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk Enrichment and Director of The Lost Lending Library to talk about the show and what audiences can expect. 


What’s The Lost Lending Library about?

The Lost Lending Library is an immersive family theatre experience that celebrates the world of books. It’s about the power of stories and the different worlds they transport you to. 

The library jumps from place to place, on a mission to collect every story and book ever written: previously it has travelled across London, to Scotland and Australia. In October it will land at Draper’s Hall in Coventry.  

Who are Punchdrunk Enrichment?

We’re a charity that makes transformational theatre in schools, communities and with family audiences. We’ve been around since 2008.

A bit of background: I am a founding member of Punchdrunk, who are well known for their immersive theatre shows such as Sleep No More and Masque of the Red Death - experiences where adults can roam freely around large spaces to experience epic storytelling. I formed Punchdrunk Enrichment because I had an inherent belief in the transformative power of the work and knew that there was huge potential in creating immersive experiences for younger audiences and others. Since our inception, we’ve been exploring the impact of our work in schools and communities as well as creating experiences for family audiences. 

We’re based in London and this will be our first time in Coventry.

What is immersive theatre?

Whereas traditional theatre takes place on a stage with the audience seated, immersive theatre takes place all around you, normally in non traditional theatre venues. The sets are often richly decorated with lots for you to explore. For Punchdrunk Enrichment, the audience are the most important character and we always think very carefully about their role. Getting this right is often key to the success of a project: in Coventry, we need people to write their own stories to help power the library to its next destination. 

Is there anything special for Coventry audiences to look forward to?

The library’s visit to Coventry will be its UK premier for family audiences. We’re so excited to be part of Coventry City of Culture and in-keeping with this celebration of the city, the library will be seeking stories about Coventry, old and new, fact and fiction. 

You’ll find the library at the historic Draper’s Hall, which is undergoing refurbishment and is set to open to the public for the first time in 30 years. To be the first cultural event in this new space will be a treat for us and for everyone who comes along. We hope all visitors to the library will become firm friends and continue their journey with us..

Any top tips for audiences?

It’s an interactive show and everyone will get the chance to kick start their story writing as part of the experience. So come along ready to go somewhere new and get creative.

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Peter Higgin, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk Enrichment

Peter Higgin, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk Enrichment

The Lost Lending Library

A UK theatre premier from Punchdrunk Enrichment, The Lost Lending Library is a feast for young imaginations celebrating books and the journeys they take us on.