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Jubilee Crescent Community Centre Jubilee Crescent, CV6 3EX
Until Thu 28 Apr 2022

Radford Bubbles Exhibition (Jubilee Crescent Community Centre)

Thu 23 Sep 2021 to Thu 28 Apr 2022
Jubilee Crescent Community Centre
Jubilee Crescent, CV6 3EX
Duration: Mon - Thu, 10am - 3pm

A photographic exhibition at Jubilee Crescent Community Centre of ‘support bubbles’, families and other groups of residents that supported each other during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020-21. 

Community leaders in Radford came up with the idea of setting up a portrait photography project for Coventry’s UK City of Culture year that would take a snapshot of life in during the pandemic, creating memories for future generations. Designer Ella Clarke created a frame for subjects to be photographed within, inspired by the bright colours seen in a sunlit soap bubble, providing a translucent quality to images.

Ten local people signed up for the challenge of taking the support bubble photographs, some with no previous experience of photography.  They were guided and mentored by portrait photographer Fran Monks and together they explored the possibilities of taking images of people through dichromatic film which diffuses the light passing through so that subjects on the opposite side are often not clearly visible.  The results are interesting and often surprising.



Residents were invited to photo shoots in June and July 2021, in our bubble-frame studio at Jubilee Crescent Community Centre in Radford. Supported by a project team from Coventry City of Culture Trust and City Hosts, families were asked about their experience of being locked down during a pandemic.  Their responses help to tell the story of a community throughout a unique 15 months which brought pain and stress to many and to others, with an enforced change of lifestyle, new habits and behaviours that may alter the course of history for future generations.