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Online Workshop
Thu 4 Nov 2021 @ 18.00
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Coventry Biennial 2021: Beyond the Anthropocene (Parallel State)

Thu 4 Nov 2021 @ 18.00
Online Workshop
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Pay What You Wish (£0, £3, £5, £10)

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The Parallel State is a breakaway state – a space to collectively imagine alternative solutions to life on earth – free from the oppositional constraints of the failed states in which we live. The Parallel State is building new alliances through a series of events, laying the foundations for a Parallel State Summit. At this online event the Parallel State will be asking: 

What does the landscape look like in the Parallel State and what new epoch has emerged in a more equitable, de-colonised, post-capitalist world where humans are harmoniously entangled with nature? 

Co-curated by Eelyn Lee and Helen Kilby Nelson. Discover full information on the event's contributor's here.

Coventry Biennial 2021

Until 23 January. The third Coventry Biennial will take place from October 2021 until January 2022 across Coventry and Warwickshire in a wide range of artistic, heritage, business and community locations. Titled Hyper-Possible, referencing the radical nature of Coventry’s history, exploring the legacies of artist-led networks, activisms and pedagogies that have emerged from and through the local area since the 1960s. These mark the city as an outstanding exemplar of innovative, experimental and radical artistic practice.