Speakers’ Corner: Calling All Sixth Formers and Teachers

Practise your public speaking skills in front of politicians at the Big Tent Ideas Festival 2021 on Saturday 10th July. Do you care about climate change? Are the politicians doing enough? Is social media a force for good or evil? Would you change it? What should be done to help the generation most impacted by the pandemic? Is there any political or societal issue where you have something to say? Do you have an idea?

Big Tent Ideas Festival 2021 is the festival where local communities meet politicians, think tanks, inspiring entrepreneurs, experts and visionary leaders from all walks of life face to face. Speakers’ Corner is now taking bookings throughout the day and it’s an opportunity for you to stand up and tell the audience about your idea or issue - and be heard!

Speakers' Corner is FREE to all Big Tent Ideas Festival 2021 ticket holders.