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Walking Forest: A Tale of Two Trees

This weekend, Walking Forest is calling on women to stand up for nature and the future of the planet in a performance action that will move through the streets of Coventry.

From dawn until dusk on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 October, women activists will carry a felled tree through the city centre in an act of love and endurance, raising awareness of the threat to the natural world and asking urgent questions about how we can bring about change.


How will arts, culture and creativity shape a better future for Coventry?

A blog about Art for the People, a Talking Birds project.

We’re hugely excited to be developing Art for the People with the support of Coventry 2021. This is a project that has been a very long time in the gestation - and for a while we didn’t know whether we would be able to convince people to invest and make it happen - because it doesn’t really take the shape of a traditional art project.


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