City Champion: Coventry College

About Coventry College

Coventry College is a general further education college in the heart of Coventry City. It has two campuses since its merger of City College and Henley College in 2017. It serves over 9,000 learners from all walks of life including apprentices, school leavers, higher education learners and stakeholders who are up-skilling through our wide range of professional qualifications. The College boasts amazing facilities and a wide range of provision from performing arts, games design, public services, construction, motor vehicle and beyond. In addition, it has a range of sports academies with strong partnerships with Coventry City Football Club and the Wasps.


Sponsor Spotlight

Carol Thomas, Principal and CEO at Coventry College

Coventry College focuses on its core values which include putting our learners first, striving for excellence, offering an inclusive and safe environment, whilst making space for collaboration and teamwork, transparency and trust.

Coventry City is transforming, it is regenerating at pace which is incredibly exciting and we are proud to be at the heart of it. Working closely with partners and employers, our learners are able to access a wealth of experience, from industry placements to supporting festivals, events and projects on a regional and national platform.

We’re passionate about all that Coventry has to offer, and we want to see it continue to grow and develop. We know our city is a unique and innovative place and we’re proud to be a City Champion.

We want to continue to engage with wider society, and we know that our year of culture will help us to do this even better. Each of our programmes, courses and apprenticeships aim to bring more than just individual job prospects; they’re about transforming lives, enhancing businesses and enabling communities. That’s why we feel that it’s crucial that we play our part in bringing Coventry City of Culture 2021 to life.

As a college with two campuses we’ve always made sure that there’s a collective feel to each of our locations. But you’ll also find character here too, with distinct personalities in each of our departments, that reflect our wider values. From our performing arts shows to our photography exhibitions, from our Academy of Sport to our on-site restaurant and salons; we’re dedicated to making sure that we shine a light on the incredible work that our learners, apprentices, professional staff and stakeholders put in on a daily basis.

We’ve been using our industry leading facilities, expert tutors and passion for learning to grow a vibrant culture amongst our learners for years, and we’re proud of the unique culture that flows through every curriculum area in the College. As a City Champion we’ll be using our voice to share all that we stand for and for everything we believe our city can be.


Carol Thomas, Principal and CEO

Carol Thomas, Principal and CEO