Tickets: Free with your ticket to Machine Memoirs: Space
The Reel Store Telegraph Hotel, Upper Well Street, Coventry CV1 1GU
Until Sat 12 Nov 2022
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The Tides Within Us

Fri 13 May 2022 to Sat 12 Nov 2022
The Reel Store
Telegraph Hotel, Upper Well Street, Coventry CV1 1GU
Free with your ticket to Machine Memoirs: Space

Leading art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast will present a five-screen, real-time interactive installation, The Tides Within Us, as part of the launch programme for The Reel Store, the UK’s first permanent immersive digital art gallery, which opens in Coventry from Friday 13 May 2022, becoming a permanent new visitor attraction in the heart of the city.

Part of Marshmallow Laser Feast’s ongoing exploration into the world beyond the limits of our senses, The Tides Within Us is an immersive artwork, which investigates the flow of oxygen through the cardiovascular system, painting a picture of a human body as a fluid event, more like a whirlpool than a static object. This flow questions the boundary of where this living body begins and where it ends, dissolving any sense of separation and connecting us through breath to the rhythms that underpin life on earth.

The Tides Within Us was co-commissioned by York Museums Trust, Mediale and Coventry City of Culture. Funded by Arts Council England. Made in collaboration with Fraunhofer Mevis.

Admission to The Tides Within Us is free with your ticket to Machine Memoirs: Space

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about the makers

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF)

Marshmallow Laser Feast creates immersive experiences, expanding perception and exploring our connection with the natural world. Fusing architectural tools, contemporary imaging techniques and performance with tactile forms, MLF sculpt spaces that lay dormant until animated by curiosity and exploration. Informed as much by playfulness as research, MLF breaks the boundaries to worlds beyond our senses. MLF’s work has been exhibited internationally, including Lisbon triennial, Istanbul design biennial, STRP biennial, New Frontiers at the Sundance Film Festival, Storyscapes at Tribeca film festival, the V&A, Design Museum and the Saatchi Gallery, London. Their work has been featured in VICE, Wired,
Nowness, New York Times, The New Scientist, The Verge and more.

Natan Sinigaglia

Natan Sinigaglia is a sound and visual artist based in Varese, Italy. With a strong background in music, contemporary dance and real-time graphics, he creates canvases where languages lose their boundaries and share forms and meanings.

Fraunhofer MEVIS
Embedded in a worldwide network of clinical and academic partners, Fraunhofer MEVIS develops real-world software solutions for image and data-supported early detection, diagnosis, and therapy. The goal is to detect diseases earlier and more reliably, tailor treatments to each individual, and make therapeutic success more measurable. In addition, the scientists are committed to raising awareness about how digital transformation influences health care. They develop experiential SciArt projects, connecting digital medicine with other disciplines to stimulate critical dialog, reach new audiences, and foster a diverse future R&D landscape and diverse ownership of new technologies.

Machine Memoirs: Space

FRI 13 MAY 2022 TO SUN 4 SEP 2022

The UK premiere of Refik Anadol's Machine Memoirs: Space, the product of a long-term collaboration with NASA, the exhibition uses artificial intelligence to reimagine two million publicly available images taken by satellite and telescopes, transporting visitors from the centre of Coventry to the deepest regions of outer space.


Access information

The Reel Store has been built to be accessible for everyone. If you have any questions around access, you can contact us on [email protected] or chat to a member of our team when you arrive.

The Reel Store is wheelchair accessible.

The nearest Blue Badge parking is in NCP Belgrade Plaza.

Please note there is no drop-off point outside the venue.