Shoot and Score

Shoot & Score is an innovative production-led creative media skills training course that will benefit 16 young people aged between 16-25 from Coventry as part of the city’s special UK City of Culture Year ending in May 2022.

The programme will engage 8 diverse, aspiring young filmmakers and 8 diverse, aspiring young musicians and support them to work together to create a short film and accompanying film score. Shoot & Score will inspire the next generation of Coventry filmmakers and musicians to develop their creative and practical skills in media and take their first steps towards a career in the creative industries.

Lead delivery partners

The project will be delivered and jointly managed by Rural Media and Media Mania. They have formed a strategic partnership to develop, deliver and establish a new ‘pilot’ model for engaging diverse young talent in Coventry City and supporting them into the creative industries.

Award-winning Rural Media, based in Herefordshire, is nationally recognised for its creative film and TV skills development with diverse young people (e.g.Ch4 Random Acts, BBC Arts New Creatives, BFI Film Academy etc).  Media Mania is highly regarded within Coventry and Warwickshire for its music education, skills and production work with diverse young people enabling them to develop their creativity and self-expression through music. 

The Project

Following promotion, outreach and recruitment of participants in January/February 2021, the course will run for 12 weeks from March to the end of May 2022. One day of production led training will be delivered each week to each of the participating young people. 

Rural Media and Media Mania have designed a creative course of practical training and master classes in which young people will be able to gain hands on experience in diverse media forms including scriptwriting, storyboarding, film production and post-production, sound design, composition and sound mixing, leading to the production of a short film with a film score composed by young musicians working closely with young filmmakers.

Once the film and score have been completed the work will be premiered to an invited audience comprising Shoot & Score young producers, their peers, and stakeholders in an event that will kick-start the process towards embedding creative media skills training in and around Coventry.  The film will then be released on-line as part of Coventry City of Culture’s programme as well as screened at venues across the city.

Subsequently, Rural Media and Media Mania will invest in-kind support to work closely with Coventry City of Culture Trust’s communications team, and wider West Midlands’ creative industries development agencies, film festivals, F/HEIs, local mainstream and community media outlets etc. to promote the film and critically to disseminate learning outcomes including proposed next steps for the area’s young talent development.   Furthermore, the 'Shoot & Score' skills initiative will be promoted as a practical and achievable model for other future programmes including an annual film academy that could add value and interacts with other art forms and activity both at Daimler Powerhouse hub and across the City.

Image of the Lady Godiva statue.

Image of the Lady Godiva statue.