Our Cov Podcast

Grab your headphones and take a walk with a new friend. Be transported to the heart of Coventry and get to know voices you might not encounter in your everyday life - from a City Host turned policeman, to the neurodivergent bedroom artist who flourished with the support of City of Culture producers.

Explore Coventry through the eyes of the ordinary folk of the city; hear how their idea of ‘culture’ has changed, and the impact the City of Culture has had on their lives and careers. From Canley and Foleshill, to Fargo and The Herbert, spend some time with an LGBTQ+ advocate, a former homeless asylum seeker and Coventry’s first Young Poet Laureate, all accompanied by the distinctive sounds of Cov. Because, as one storyteller says,

“Coventry is far more than a place where a woman road naked through the streets 500 years ago or a cathedral that was bombed…”

During our soundscape series, we weave through the skateboarders outside The Herbert Art Gallery and Coventry Cathedral, wander past the trolleys in Cannon Park and through the stalls at Fargo Village, hear the buskers and market traders at work in the city centre, listen to the wind in Limbrick Woods and roam along the River Sherbourne in Coundon.

The series features music by the Coventry-based artist and sound recordist Mintakaa. It’s recorded by Coventry-born audio producer Clare Freeman. And produced on behalf of the Coventry City of Culture trust by her company, A Small Furry Bear Productions.

The Episodes: Series 1

Duncan in Canley: Finding My Voice and A Safe Space

Hayley at The Herbert: Where I Belong

Last in Foleshill: My Heart Is In Zimbabwe, My Home Is Coventry

Lawrence in Earlsdon: A Story of Becoming

Sorrelle Clements: Seeing The Libraries With A Fresh Perspective

Hawwa in Coventry’s Creative Quarter: The Future Is Coming

Series 2: Soundscapes

It’s not compulsory, but these soundscapes are best listened to while wearing headphones. All conversations are authentic and real. The recordings were captured using a binaural microphone between January and April 2022. You can also hear these soundscapes in our accompanying storyteller episodes.

University Square: Skateboarders, students and tourists

Bell Green: Friday morning on Riley Square


Tile Hill: Listening to the wind in Limbrick Woods, opposite Jardine Crescent

The Precincts: Tune in to a saxophonist and follow the fountains

Cannon Park Shopping Centre: Morning shoppers in Canley

Broadgate to The Burgess: Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom at Midday

Earlsdon: Traffic on the high street, to the birds on Albany Road

River Sherbourne: Walking Riverside in Coundon

Priory Place to Pool Meadow: Tweeting birds and busy bus stops

Coventry Market: Monday morning for traders and customers

Our Cov podcast series is a Coventry City of Culture Trust commission, created and produced by A
Small Furry Bear Productions.

Sound design and exec producer: Clare Freeman
Assistant producer: Holly Close
Features music: Mintakaa (you can hear their songs on Spotify)
Thanks for listening, and if you like what you’ve heard - tell a friend.

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