Yellow Post It Notes

27 July 2016

Walking through the door on that Wednesday night to the sounds of raucous laughter, we sensed this was a good match. Richard and Rishard joined together by the City of Culture team. Two strangers, one a writer the other an actor, tasked to pull together a 15 minute performance in just two weeks. What happened next was beautiful.

Working together like they’d known each other for years, pulling out stories, sharing memories and delving curiously into the named people on the yellow post it notes who have played a significant part in Rishard’s journey, people who have helped him. His community. Rishard felt he had a new friend in Richard, another name to add onto a Yellow Post
It Notes perhaps.

Rishard has great physicality & up until this point this has been the focus of a lot of his performances with smaller spoken parts alongside. This opportunity to work with Richard has given him a stronger voice. His performance meant he was left naked: no props, no script, no supporting actors just a series of yellow post it notes. How poignant then that his performance was all about the supporting actors in his life; those who have helped him get where he is today giving him the props he needed and helping him develop his script. His community.

The day of the City of Culture Bid Launch arrived. The laughter, stories, memory sharing and curiosity resulted in a poignant and funny one man show curated by two newly formed friends. The post it notes guided the performance and underpinned what his community had taught him: “Bianca -politics” – “Rachel – the poo chair” – intermingled with stories about Grandad and his dinosaur bones, Steffan and his dancing prowess and to end it all a message about the dangers of drinking at just thirteen. Cue the music – Red, red wine….

…and so what next? Richard came round for dinner, they drank red wine and dreamt up ideas for a follow on piece – Yellow Pages – an exploration how to bring about a political coup ; the conversations around this are incredibly funny and worthy of a show in itself.

Richard’s name is very firmly on a Yellow Post It Note. A new and very welcome introduction to Rishard’s community.

Rishard Beckett is an actor, cyclist, open water swimmer, boxer, TV soap enthusiast – basically he will try anything!

People say Rishard is a people magnet and a natural connector.

He loves performing and has recently completed a Performance Making Diploma at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London with Access All Areas. Last year he had his first paid acting job with Channel 4.

Being connected with a drama company gave him more than he could ever have imagined; a community in which to grow and flourish.

“We need to help people connect, people with and without disabilities, on stage and in life.”

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