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New Coventry Train Station Station Square, Coventry CV1 2GT
Until Mon 13 Jun 2022

Unapologetic: Joy & Nungi Exhibition

Thu 12 May 2022 to Mon 13 Jun 2022
New Coventry Train Station
Station Square, Coventry CV1 2GT
Duration: 7am - 9pm

Two strikingly provocative exhibitions showcasing the work of Brown female visual artists taking place at Coventry's new train station.

JOY showcases the five new artworks by Brown female visual artists from Coventry, commissioned specially for this exhibition.

NUNGI - unveiled & uncovered is a black-and-white photography exhibition celebrating the Power, Beauty and Joy of Brown women, unashamed and unapologetic. 




Image: KaaPa by Gayatri Paricha

Image: KaaPa by Gayatri Paricha

Gayatri Paricha is a graphic designer nestled in the middle of England. She has an academic background in philosophy and likes to explore new methods and styles of storytelling to communicate difficult subjects in novel ways. Gayatri endeavours to make work that is 'playful, but not frivolous; researched, but not complicated; subtle, but not obscure.'

Gayatri looks to create work where she can engage the community at large with her designs. She has been commissioned by Coventry UK City of Culture 2021NHS BT, Coventry Refugee and Migrant, Warwickshire Public Health, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, British Council and Coventry Artspace.

Artwork Title: KaaPa








Image: Artwork by Mariam Abdurahman

Image: Artwork by Mariam Abdurahman

Mariam Abdurahman is a UK based visual artist, graphic illustrator and entrepreneur. Her dynamic skill set gives her work a unique identity. She uses her artwork as a medium to illustrate in the form of storytelling. Despite having an intricate style, she uses her broad imagination to deliver an aesthetic piece of work to her audience. 

Most of her work is highly influenced by culture, tradition and the environment she was raised in. Mariam is the first Brown Hijabi female artist whose work is showcased at the opening of the new £82 million Coventry railway station. After this success, she is working on getting her art seen on an international platform.


Image by:  Reema Sahota

Image by: Reema Sahota

My name is Reema Sahota and I identify as a British Punjabi female artist. My practice gravitates around my identity, family, community, culture, self-awareness, and lived experiences.

I express the duality of British and Punjabi culture through various mediums by adopting a

multi-disciplinary approach. The mediums I work with differ, as I enjoy working with both oil and acrylic paint as well as undertaking experimental media such as digital work, installation and projection. I am an ethnic artist who has found their voice.  I aim to encourage the younger generation, especially those from ethnically diverse backgrounds to strive towards their passions, which includes the arts. I am working towards a Masters in Art Therapy, as I would like to help those with learning difficulties to communicate in the best way possible for them. As a result of seeing a loved one go through a difficult mental health journey during the pandemic, I would like to support ethnic communities to encourage open conversations about mental health.

Artwork Title: Finding my voice


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Image: Artwork by Sharan K Bansal

Image: Artwork by Sharan K Bansal

Sharan K Bansal is a multidisciplinary artist based in the UK. She uses mixed media, water colour and digital application to create abstract works with layers of colours and textures.

A repetitive motif within Bansal’s work is a 3D honeycomb pattern. The intricate use of simple, geometric, abstract forms merge and connect with digital media, the art of painting and installation to create complex relationships that reflect both the subject matter and aesthetics. This in turn provides a visual spectacle like no other.

The work explores complex cultural identities, but we must not make the mistake of pigeon-holing the work as Bansal’s complex use of medium allows multiple interpretations and reading. Viewers are invited to bring their own narratives and histories to her installations.

Sharan K Bansal holds a Master’s Degree in drawing and painting having graduated from a prestigious university in Jaipur. She has exhibited at the AIFCS, Lalit Kala Academy and Habitat Centre, New Delhi. She has been involved in numerous group shows in the UK and has been commissioned by Coventry City of Culture.

Image: Joy by Paramjit Sehmi

Image: Joy by Paramjit Sehmi

Paramjit Sehmi is a Midlands-based Visual Artist, Illustrator and Archivist. 

Showcasing her passion for history and research, she completed her BA and MA degrees in History of Art from the University of Birmingham in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Since graduating, Paramjit has pursued curatorial and archival roles in the heritage sector. She has balanced her academic curiosity with her creativity, forging a path in which she can pursue both professions.

The common thread in these two pursuits is found in Paramjit’s desire to connect art and history to a wider audience and help people to deliver their stories. Whilst being a self-taught artist, she continues to work on her own paintings with determined enthusiasm and increasing skill. She particularly enjoys creating paintings which explore figurative realism with an unexpected use of colour, giving layered and emotional depth to her art.


Artwork Title: Joy


Where to find the exhibitions

Both exhibitions are inside the new Coventry Train Station. 

The Joy exhibition can be found in shop fronts by the entrance nearest to the old train station.

The Nungi exhibition can be found in the tunnel leading to Central Six shopping park.


These exhibitions have been co-created by Shine Duggal and Navkiran Kaur Mann and supported by Coventry City of Culture Trust, Avanti West Coast and Coventry City Council.

Unapologetic is part of #LoveCoventry, a Coventry UK City of Culture programme supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.