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Coventry Canal Basin 10A ST NICHOLAS ST, COVENTRY CV1 4LY
Until Sun 1 May 2022

The Village Butty

Thu 28 Apr 2022 to Sun 1 May 2022
Coventry Canal Basin

Visit the floating village hall at the heart of the canal basin and find out more about our spring celebrations.

Open from 10am – settle down on the towpath or pick up your free family Frog Walk and Walk with Me trail maps.

You can catch intimate not-to-be-missed performances from Mik Artistic's Ego Trip on Friday 29 April and The Norfolk Broads on Saturday 30 April.

About The Village Butty

The Village Butty, an award-winning music venue built on an historic narrowboat is headed for Coventry canal basin for a series of high quality acoustic musical concerts timed to coincide with the finale of Coventry City of Culture.

After winning the prestigious Inland Waterways Award for Best Arts Venue in 2019 The Village Butty, a 50-foot converted “hopper”, constructed in the 1950’s by Harris Brothers of Birmingham, sadly fell on hard times during the pandemic and former owner James Bentley was forced to sell on his remarkable vessel that was a much-loved asset on the waterways. Happily, for James long-time supporters of The Village Butty, Anna Crockatt and Richard Guard jumped at the chance to revitalize this precious vehicle and, with the aid of an Arts Council England grant have totally renovated the boat. 

“When we got it there was over 1000lts of water inside the boat, we know because we had to pump it all out! The floorboards were sodden, in fact there were plants and fungus growing on them – a complete eco-system – but not one very conducive to watching music!” Said former primary school music teacher Anna, 40.

Richard, 56, who was a documentary film editor before he decided to take on the Butty project told us that “With no customers and no income the poor boat had been shipping rainwater for a year and everything on board was absolutely ruined. Fortunately the Arts Council grant has allowed us to rescue the boat and repair it to the highest quality using the very best British products and the very best of British Craftsmen!  New floor, new roof, new electrics – we are now totally solar powered and ready for anything!”

The Village Butty will be open every day of it’s stay in the basin from 29th April to 16th May and has a small bar with local ales, teas and coffees for sale.

Anna and Richard would also like to invite Coventry musicians and groups to come and use the venue while it’s in the basin. 

“On Saturday 7th May we are planning to run an open mic from 12pm until 6pm featuring just Coventry players – please do contact us if you’d like to come along and show off our talent – just email [email protected] for more details.

“We’d also like to welcome all Coventry residents to drop in and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the basin and the Village Butty, we’ll be playing gramophone records during the day and reveling in the wonderful historic waterway that is such a part of Coventry past, present and future”.

Grand Reopening

The Village Butty’s grand re-opening will take place in Coventry Canal Basin on 29th April and host two weeks of musical performances.

First up will be Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip – a band lauded by none other than rock legend Iggy Pop on his 6 Music radio show. Iggy stated that the song “Sweet leaf of the north” is the best song of the decade.

“We are absolutely delighted to be bringing Mik Artistik to Coventry, and it’s thanks to Coventry City of Culture Trust and Green Futures that we can put him on for free. We believe Mik is a national treasure!  Part rock, part comedy, part artwork – and entirely brilliant – don’t take our word for it though, just come along and see for yourselves”. 

Leeds based Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip have been wowing festival audiences across the country for the last few years and is one of the first band booked for every Glastonbury. 

The Norfolk Broads highlight Saturday 30th April, while the weekend of 6th – 7thMay features blue grass legend Stompin’ Dave, the tap-dancing banjo maestro and futuristic folk duo Tom Moore and Archie Moss. The following Thursday hails the arrival of Ewan Bleach, voted world’s best clarinet player in 2021. He’ll be performing for 5 hours on both piano and often playing the clarinet at the same time. The next day will feature his jazz quintet – who’s album recently received four stars in The Sunday Observer.

“Our stated aim is to increase the overall jollity of the nation” Richard and Anna said “And this series of gigs in Coventry is going to be an explosive start to a journey we hope will continue for many years. We are so grateful to Coventry for asking us to pitch in, and really hope to have a long and lasting relationship with the city which we have fallen in love with”.

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The Norfolk Broads

Imagine four angels descended from heaven and decided to sing wonderful British folk songs with a contemporary twist, illuminating the lives of women past and present.