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Wed 31 Mar 2021 @ 18.00
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Culture Conversations: Amazing Women

Wed 31 Mar 2021 @ 18.00
Duration: 1 hour

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Has it been a celebratory International Woman's Month for you? How can we practically practise togetherness as women, standing in unity? 

In this edition of Culture Conversations, we want to explore Women’s voices in the current climate. Join us for a workshop featuring creativity, open conversation and a call to action.

The conversation will be led by Laura Nyahuye, Maokwo’s founder, Artistic and Creative Director.

Earlier this month (8 March), we marked International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

Join us on 31 March to continue this work as we journey towards City of Culture's Amazing Women month in March 2022. Help us shape the conversation we will continue until then, and beyond.



Maokwo supports BAME migrants refugees & asylum seekers artists & communities on the margins. Maokwo aims to address the issues that minoritised artists and communities face.
We celebrate the talents and creativity of marginalised artists and ask how we might challenge the current status quo to build a more inclusive, democratic arts sector.

About Laura Nyahuye

Laura Nyahuye is a Coventry artist and designer who makes wearable art. She is founder of Maokwo, a social enterprise exploring ways in which creativity can bring communities together.


Laura Nyahuye

INSTAGRAM: @Laura_Nyahuye
TWITTER: @lauranyahuye
LINKEDIN: Laura Nyahuye


INSTAGRAM: @maokwo
TWITTER: @maokwo

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Live closed captioning will be provided for the duration of the workshop.