Warwick Arts Centre University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL
Until Sun 7 Nov 2021

CHANGE Festival

Fri 5 Nov 2021 to Sun 7 Nov 2021
Warwick Arts Centre
University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Change Festival 2021 invites you to RISE UP to climate change, with an uplifting weekend of theatre, cabaret, discussions, music, workshops, craft and films for all ages.

Change happens when we rise up together. In 2020, we rose to the challenge of Coronavirus, transforming the way we lived overnight. Despite the widespread pain this virus inflicted, 2020 also brought many of us in deeper connection with nature, lowered our ecological footprint, strengthened communities and gave us a moment to pause and reflect.

How can we now urgently rise up together to address an even greater challenge: our climate and environmental crisis?

Rise up to listen, to speak, to feel, to dream, to hope and to act. This is your chance to come together and celebrate our collective power.

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CHANGE Festival: I Stand For What I Stand On

This moving, intimate performance, I stand for what I stand on features a live cast of four young climate strikers from Gloucester and a digital cast of global youth activists. The show is performed directly to each audience member through headphones with original sound and digital design.

CHANGE Festival: Meet me a Tree

3 Sessions on 7 November: 10.30AM-11.15 AM, 11.45AM-12.30PM, 2PM-2.45PM

Recommended Age: 0-2

Produced by HurlyBurly Theatre

Opera for Babies

‘Meet me a Tree’ is an interactive first opera for 0-2 year olds and their carers with music by Schumann, Delibes and Handel as well as words and music created by the company. HurlyBurly invites you and your baby on a multisensory journey through a year in the life of a tree: singing with blackbirds, marching through fallen leaves, smelling new blossom and feeling the wind on your cheeks.

With beautiful singing and relaxing music at it’s core Meet me a Tree is an opportunity to unwind and have fun for new parents, carers and babies.

CHANGE Festival: Cloudscapes

Cloudscapes is a contemplative artwork where you are invited to stop and cloudgaze and consider your place in the world. The piece is set outdoors — creating a natural cloud-gazing arena.

CHANGE Festival: Amazon Visions

Quechua theatre-maker José Navarro works with an exquisite cast of hand-made puppets to tell the story of the Peruvian Amazon, its extraordinary importance and its devastating destruction. This is a tale of the region’s intricate links to the global ecosystem and to the Indigenous people who care for it.

CHANGE Festival: The Cocoa Butter Club

The ultimate creative clap-back! In this spirited evening of cabaret and discussion, The Cocoa Butterclub will  "decolonise & moisturise” the stage, redistributing the narrative of bodies of colour, providing agency and autonomy in celebrating our capabilities.

CHANGE Festival: Oh, The Things We're For!

Oh, The Things We’re For! is a celebration of the better world that is not only possible, but is here today if we choose it.
This poetic, lively story by Innosanto Nagara will be brought to life alongside Beethoven’s Septet, performed by an all-star line-up from Orchestra for the Earth.

CHANGE FESTIVAL: Drumming Workshop

Come together to connect with one of our oldest and most sacred instruments - the drum. Kadence Music's hand drumming workshop will bring together 20 drums from different parts of the world, ready for you to try out. During this workshop, you will be seated in a circle to learn how to play the drums in a group.

CHANGE FESTIVAL: Journey to Utopia

The enlightened, forward thinking Mo family lead a picture-perfect life on their farm in Norway. But recently, climate anxiety and fear for the planet that will be left to their three children is keeping them up at night.


How can we be engaged, active and make a difference on the issues we care about when it can sometimes feel like giving our all is never enough? In this very special FREE online bootcamp workshop via Zoom, wellbeing and activism expert Betsy Reed will guide you through techniques to avoid burnout and nurture ourselves so we can each make a difference in a way that's personally sustainable and fit for an uncertain future.


The old model of hero leadership, hierarchy, and 'command and control' no longer work. Trust in leaders is at an all-time low. As we collectively face big issues like climate change and social inequality, we each have an opportunity to step up and lead. To take responsibility for making a life that delivers our personal purpose and that helps to create a world that works better for everyone. Join us in this FREE online Zoom workshop led by Betsy Reed to learn some skills and get inspired... about yourself!


Join the four young creators and performers of Strike A Light’s theatre show ‘I stand for what I stand on’ for a workshop session exploring what it means to be a teenage climate activist right now and how theatre can be used as a tool for activism.

CHANGE FESTIVAL: How To Make A Difference

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or unsure about how you can rise up and make a difference to our climate and environmental crisis?  If so, then this groundbreaking event is for you. You will hear from some of the UKs most inspirational change-makers and learn about the struggles, the insecurities, the fears and the overwhelm that have sometimes felt insurmountable.


How can we now reconnect with each other, in our community, across generations and across borders and ideologies, to rise up to meet this moment together? And how can we reconnect with the natural world or to a greater web of consciousness, to truly realise the power of unity?


How do we reclaim power and resources from the hands of the few, to distribute to all human and non-human creatures? How do we radically reinvent the concept of ownership, within our homes, our workplaces, our communities and landscapes to ensure that every living being has equal access to all the incredible wonders that Earth has to offer?


In this discussion we will explore ways we can rise up to reawaken our understanding of our own presence, reawaken our bodies and our senses, reawaken our emotions and feelings that have been dulled and denied, and reawaken our intrinsic, loving instincts.


Nevergreen tells the astonishing untold story of Rachel Carson: trailblazing scientist, writer of the epoch-making ‘Silent Spring’ and reluctant pioneer of the environmental movement. Overcoming poverty and prejudice, Carson combined scientific knowledge with imaginative power, unfolding the wonder of nature to millions. She risked everything to reveal the truth about the impending poisoning of our world and its creatures – including us.


Drawing on her ongoing research into clowning, street spectacle and protest and off the back workshops and street actions at COP26, activist clown, director and TedEX speaker Robyn Hambrook will facilitate a playful, practical workshop that explores these methodologies for creative resistance.

CHANGE FESTIVAL: Robot Rebellion

This interactive installation invites you to identify a passionate cause in your life, and then create your own tiny protest sign for a robot to hold, using the craft materials provided.


Far from a bleak interpretation of what it means to be ‘old’, this artwork is a joyful celebration of the elderly as mythical beings, and magical treasure troves of colourful stories and countless birthdays.


UnderGROWTH reading corner holds a selection of zines, essays and other reading materials produced during a series of eco-art residencies designed to confront and explore Coventry's environment and ecology. Come and make yourself cosy.


Come and have a go at making your very own stop motion animation film using entirely natural materials. Create a character, set the scene, and animate your story using leaves, twigs, pinecones, and other bits of nature. This is for all budding animators and artists of any age and ability.