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We’ve launched our bid film

22 September 2017

As we get into the final countdown for submitting the bid, we are EXTREMELY excited to share with you our bid film! Sponsored by PET-Xi, ‘Our Cov’ is a short film capturing everything that’s wonderful about Coventry – the city itself, the venues, and most importantly the people.

‘Our Cov’ was produced by Chris Bradley from Willowmann Productions and Mat Beckett from River Rea Films, and features contributions from Natalie Johnson, Havsa Oumar and Leon Phillips amongst others, who talk about the effect Coventry has had on them and their lives.

You can view the film on and on our Facebook page

Laura McMillan, Coventry City of Culture Trust Manager, said: “Ultimately, a city is about its people and that is what our bid reflects. The film captures the stories of a range of individuals who all have their own story to tell and the one constant within it is Coventry.

“Our bid shows Coventry as a young, diverse, innovative and resilient city that is on the cusp of something special – something that winning UK City of Culture in 2021 would help us to achieve.”

Now here’s the bit where you come in: We want as many people as possible to see our film, so please get sharing on social media, and don’t forget to tag us too using our handle @Coventry2021 and our hashtag #ThisisCoventry

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