Engaging and Understanding Audiences – A Free TRG and City of Culture Professional Development Programme

27 May 2020

Coventry City of Culture is working with international arts consultancy TRG Arts as its Loyalty Partner, to support both the Trust and the arts and culture sector more broadly in increasing the quality and depth of relationships with audiences.

In the wake of the pandemic, TRG Arts has been providing a range of support initiatives for the sector, including engaging with over 800 arts organisations every week through its international webinar, providing data driven insights and advice to cultural organisations in these unprecedented times.

As part of this partnership, TRG Arts is curating a programme of learning especially for Coventry and Warwickshire arts and culture staff who may be still working or furloughed.

These free, fun sessions are designed to give you new skills and support your professional development. You’ll come back to work sharper and have new insights that can help further your career.

Each session is designed for a broad range of specialisms and will give take-away tactics that you can use across marketing, box office, customer services and development. Whether you’re an experienced manager or just have aspirations to work in the arts and cultural sector, these sessions are for you.

You can come to as many as you like, but you may find the ones that sound less relevant are actually the most useful for your career (yes – that means book for the session on collecting and using data!).

All sessions are optional, and attending does not affect your furloughed status.

You can register here.


The Perfect First Date

Thursday 11th June: 14:00-15:00

What proportion of your audiences are attending for the first time? How many of those first-time bookers come back?

Most organisations can’t easily answer that question. When TRG Arts analyses data for their clients they are all surprised. And appalled.

The truth is that as a sector we’re very good at attracting new audiences. But we’re really bad at getting them back. The good news is that you can do something about it, but it requires an organisation-wide effort to ensure your new audience member’s ‘first date’ is a memorable one, for all the right reasons!

We’ll share examples and insights from arts and cultural organisations who have worked holistically to improve the experience and communication for new customers and as a result have generated increased revenue and improved patron loyalty.


Metrics that matter

Thursday 25th June: 14:00-15:00

In a data-rich age it’s easy to get overwhelmed by masses of available figures and reports. In this sea of data, are you focusing on the metrics that really count, or being distracted by measures that aren’t crucial to examining and monitoring your organisation’s financial stability and the loyalty of your patrons?

Beyond measuring ticket volume, revenue and capacity, there are a few simple metrics that are critical organisation-wide to understanding the reliance your organisation has on your patrons.

Got no data? You could have. We’ll give tips for organisations large and small, ticketed and un-ticketed to improve the quality and quantity of relevant data they are collecting.

We’ll share examples and insights from arts and cultural organisations of all genres and sizes who have used these metrics to inform decision-making, confirm organisational priorities, and as a result have generated increased revenue and improved patron loyalty.


Is your challenging customer a Winnie or a Tigger?

Thursday 9th July: 14:00-15:00

Not all customers are the same. They have different knowledge and experience of our organisation. They are different ages with different cultural experiences and backgrounds. And they have different personality traits and profiles.

We may care deeply about every customer, but that doesn’t mean treating every audience member or visitor the same way is in their or our interests. To best serve our patrons we need to understand them and adapt to their needs. Before we can do that, we need to be aware of our own tendencies and biases.

In this session we’ll take a trip with TRG Arts to the 100 Acre Wood and explore a straightforward personality profile model that focuses on four basic personality types, all embodied in familiar characters you may know and love: Controllers, Entertainers, Thinkers and Feelers.

We’ll explore together what are our individual and collective personality profiles and what that might mean when we’re dealing with customers with very different tendencies. At the end of the session you’ll know a bit more about yourself and have tactics to take away for effectively managing different types of customers.

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