From experiencing shop front theatre to attending large scale events; visiting world-class visitor attractions to joining a community group, there are endless opportunities for everybody to get involved in culture across Coventry and beyond.


people are backing the bid!


Get Involved!

Liz, Leicester

I work in Coventry and have enjoyed getting to know this vibrant city. The people are passionate about the city and proud of its history.

Hannah Francis, Coventry

Brilliant city

Hannah, Coventry

Brilliant city worthy of being City of Culture.

Andy Clare, Courthouse Green

I'm backing the bid because Coventry has a lot more to offer than it is given credit for

Gavin Lloyd , Longford, Coventry

Coventry is recognised around the world for its peace and reconciliation, time to add culture to this list. I'm backing the Coventry 2021 Bid.

Isabelle, Netherlands

Nexus and Isy are backing the bid for Coventry City of Culture

Erik Doek, Holland

Coventry - capital of ska!

Louisa Enock, Leamington Spa

Coventry is a brilliant place for our students to visit with so much to see and do. Good luck in your bid for City of Culture

Sandeep, Stivichall

Coventry deserves to be City of Culture due to its great heritage and support for music and arts!

Alyson Heath, Coventry

Go Cov

Lewis, Coundon

God's own city. Need I say more.

Ryan, Coventry

I've lived in many cities. Nowhere is as welcoming, as relevant, as beautiful as Coventry. She has a modern history, unlike any other, and still has a lot to teach us about peace and harmony between the people of the world

Violet Smyth, Bedworth

Coventry is much better than it thinks it is. A medieval double university city of 3 spires. I chose to base my novel in Coventry. I could have chosen any city. Coventry does it for me.

City College Coventry, City College Coventry

After nearly 200 years of providing education in this great city. We are proud and hopeful for the opportunities City of Culture would bring! Good Luck!

Nikita Stroganov , Russia

Coventry is a amazing city with a rich history, plenty to see.

Raj Kaur, Coventry

Born and bred Coventrian child of immigrants - we should celebrate and be proud of our multiculturalism

William sharp , Coventry

Great city with great people, massive amount of history and potential for the future!

Diana Owen, Stratford upon Avon

Since I first visited Coventry in the 1970's, I've known it is a special place with a raw energy & vibrant creativity & honesty. Coventrians are modest in their pride in their city - & fiercely loyal. My husband is one!

Claudie, France

I arrived in this city in the days of two-tone and loved the vibe and the music... I made many friends here and joined Northbrook AC and made more friends. I am a member of the Criterion theatre and am on the Committee at the Albany Social Club and support this city where and when ever I can. #ThisisCoventry

Anna, Coventry

Coventry is a great city! The museums are fab; the shopping is good and the city centre regeneration has really bought out the best of this city

Chris, Cumbria

I love Coventry, I think it's the perfect city for me. Being small yet bug enough to have everything in. As well as a vibrant community, two great universities and some incredible places to visit and see.

Stevie – One Bloke One Mandolin, Coventry

We moved from Basingstoke just a few months back. I love Coventry for its wonderful parks, it's multicultural make-up an' so far, it's friendliness.

Amy, Rugby

Coventry is such a diverse city, rich with culture and history. This would be a brilliant chance to bring cultures together

Leanne, Nuneaton

Love Coventry!

Colette, Coventry

I'm backing the bid!

Tina Baxter, Coventry

This a beautiful city, steeped in history but prepared for the future. It's vibrant, multicultural and youthful.

Victoria , East Anglia

I moved to Coventry 5 years ago and I am proud to call it my now forever home.

Graham K, Coventry

The city that welcomes one and all !

Nicola, Bolton

I moved here 12.5 years ago to go to The University of Warwick, I stayed  because I love the people, the City how safe I feel and there is a lot of variety in the culture here. I can always find places to take friends and guests who have a multitude of tastes whether it's history at the Transport museum, the monuments and sculptures and the Cathedral ruins, nice walks at the Memorial Park, great nights out at events.

Jane , Coventry

I am supporting the bid because the city has such a diverse and historic cultural heritage that more people need to be aware of

Lydia , Nottingham

A place that I will always call home! Coventry has gradually made great improvements the past few years and here's to hoping the city of culture could bring in even more opportunities to make this city thrive!

Heather , Coventry

Coventry is the place to be!

Caroline , Coventry

Coventry Kid and proud of it!

Clair, Radford Coventry

I was born in this city and I am proud to still call this city my home. There are so many great things about living in this multi-faceted city: from the city's heritage and many hidden gems to the multicultural diversity of the population. #thisiscoventry #timetoreceivesomerecognition

Tracey, Coventry

I'm backing the bid

Tom, Bradford

Having studied and lived in Coventry for 15 years I am wholly supporting the bid for City of Culture. Coventry is a fantastic city with an amazing story and brilliant people.

Dave , Hillfields Coventry

Born & bred in the sky blue city, a publican for 24years, I love this city & its people. No place like home....... our Coventry home.

Michael Hammond, Coventry

Back the bid Be positive Celebrate :the diversity of cultures , generations, religions, nationalities, that is Coventry.

John baker, Liverpool but live in coventry

This city has some lovely people and a great history, even 2 cathedrals like my city of birth Liverpool let's turn this city into a great place we can all remain proud of.

David, Leamington Spa

After moving around the country I finally settled in Coventry. It's a diverse and multicultural city. It has been at the forefront of may technical achievements from the motorcar to the jet engine.

Patricia McDermott , Coventry

I love Coventry.

Joanne Shortland, Coventry

I love Coventry and I am proud of our history and excited about our future

Alice, Coventry

I love what this city stands for and represents. There is such a sense of community in this city and the way we all pull together in times of need is truly inspiring.

Paula, Coventry

I would like to encourage everyone to visit the Midlands Air Museum at Coventry Airport and learn about Coventry born (Earlsdon) - Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine.

Mark Swinton, Kenilworth

I support Coventry's bid to become City of Culture in 2021. It is surely one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, combining the best of British hallmarks with a remarkable array of ethnicities, an openness and a commendable approach to environmental and historical stewardship. Despite bearing the scars of war damage, Coventry stands as a testament to renewal, reconciliation and innovation. Tradition is respected yet renewed in Coventry. It boasts an impressive array of attractions, from the world-famous cathedral (the newer building standing side by side with the remains of the old) to the Herbert gallery and the Skydome arena. The range of shops, bars and restaurants is as broad as can be found in London or Birmingham; high street brand names rub shoulders happily with market trader stalls and local produce, whilst the combination of cuisines offered in numerous eateries guarantees that all tastes can be satisfied. The city boasts music and art of every kind. It is also easy to reach, and is within reach of many historical towns (Warwick, Kenilworth, Stratford and Leamington) thus offering the traveller a base from which to explore the Heart of England in all its glory.

Daniel, Boston, Lincs

Good luck to Coventry and to all its people. Its time that a City with all its promise gets its time to shine.

Jean-Baptiste, France

Coventry is such a beautiful city! I've been very surprised that such historical and cultural background was linked to the city. Coventry deserves to become UK City of Culture 2021!

Zayd Nadeem, Bedworth

I love Coventry because it is always so welcoming and vibrant with many cultures coming together.

Stein Dunne, Coundon, Coventry

It's time to tell our story.

Nila Panchal, Coventry

I think it's great that Coventry is bidding to be UK city of culture 2021. I would like to support this and get involved.

Kristie Naimo, Leamington Spa

I would love to see how the surrounding region can get involved with the bid and the projects Coventry are working on

Terry Lewins, Coventry

Coventry is a great place to live and work with a reputation for innovation.

Alisha, London

Coventry is cool!

Mike S, Nuneaton

Coventry is a fab place to live. The City of Peace and Reconciliation has so much to offer! Fantastic culture, unique history, top class amenities and a family friendly atmosphere, Coventry truly is an amazing city!

Bill, Coventry

I see this as a real opportunity to transform Coventry, both to grow the latent interest in culture but also to generate cultural interest and enthusiasm amongst the many tens of thousands of students who are being educated here... providing a lasting benefit for the wider world and not just for our city.

Izzy, Netherlands

Nexus ICA & Izzy are backing the Coventry City of Culture bid!

Lynne & Tom, Liverpool

We love Coventry. Great place, great culture , great people. Our favourite place to spend time. Thank you Coventry.

Vicky brookes , Coventry

Love the diversity of Coventry

Louise , Coventry

Love the city and all its medieval history

Craig, West Yorkshire

Never been to your city before until now and love the place. It is such a lovely place and the locals are great

Darren, Coventry, where else ;)

I've seen Coventry evolve adapt and reinvent itself. Yet its not self absorbed. Welcome people of all types and backgrounds, contribute, build your lives here, add to the flavour.

Steve W, Coventry

Good luck

Bod, Exeter

Coventry is ace

Helen , Kenilworth

Theatre, music,history, architecture, sport. The UK could do with Reconciliation!

Mark , Kent

Since moving to this city I have realised there is so much culture I was unaware of, 5 years in I'm still learning exciting things.

Jonathan Panda, Coventry

Coventry is my absolute favourite place to enjoy a pint from one of the brilliant local breweries in a friendly pub.

Deborah, Kenilworth

Coventry has a rich history, a vibrant present and a bright future.

James bolger, Bedford

Come on your blues

Clare, Kenilworth

Coventry deserves the 2021 support for all it does for culture in the West Mids from celebrating history to modern arts and cutting edge performances.

Sean O B, Radford, Coventry

This city is straight out of the very top drawer. I'm backing bid lets all get behind it!!!

Lorraine, Coventry

Great multicultural place to live

Richard Harrison, Coventry

I love Coventry. A city that has many hidden magic that's learning to show itself. We're ready to share our amazing city with the world!

Hannah Barker, Coventry

Come on Coventry, we can do this!

Christabell , Coventry

I love Coventry and its diversity. I represent the Black Minority community in and proud of the city.!! Go Coventry!!

Chris, Wyken. Coventry

Coventry has an unjustified reputation. The people here are unique. There is an underdog mentality that makes us self depreciating but fierce in our defence of our town. We have some good stuff here which we don't make the most of. I'd hope this bid would make everyone connected with Coventry more pro active in supporting it

Amanda Carter, Coventry

In these turbulent times Coventry is leading the way as the city of Peace and Reconciliation. With its two universities Coventry is producing the future of our country. With our industry we are providing resources for the country.

Rebecca, Coventry

Coventry offers a culturally diverse population with some lovely residential places to live and lots of green spaces to enjoy. We have excellent schools and universities to offer students and young people and have a wonderful music and manufacturing heritage.

Caz, Coventry

Great opportunity to showcase our City! Proud of our heritage! Back the Bid!!

Faye, Coventry

....culture, diversity and fun! Love our Coventry

Naomi, Chapelfields

I wasn't born here but I have worked here for 8 years, graduated last year and have lived her for just over a year. this is where I call home.

Simon Ward, Coventry

This amazing city has so much that we want to share with the world...history/architecture/music/ideas/people...come and take a look...

Rachel lancaster, Coventry

Coventry is exciting and innovative, caring and compassionate a city for everyone

Mahbubur Rahman , Chylesmore Coventry

Imagination - Solidarity

Claire Webber, Coventry

I love that Coventry has so many family activities, we have great parks, Motofest , The Godiva festival , The Transport museum and The Herbert

Sophie , Coventry

Proud of Coventry's heritage and excited about it's future

Robmacca, Coventry

Coventry has always been a great multicultural city, and we need to celebrate this even more. Our city has a rich industrial past and an exciting future as a university city. The City of Culture 2021 would help revitalise our city and help make us proud of what we have to offer the world.

Steve, Coventry

So much hidden culture about here in this great city!

Kathryn, Born Hastings, happy Coventry resident since 2014

I'm lucky enough to work at the Cathedral, so travel into the heart of our city every day. Its such a great place of cultural diversity, creativity and determination...and really tries to live its badging as a City of Reconciliation

Bryn, Coventry

Coventry is a wonderful melting pot of multiculturalism

Ruth, Coventry

This is a fabulous city with great diversity - back the bid!

Kerry , Coventry

I'm backing Coventry. A city rich in diversity with a proud creative heritage.

SUE , Canley

Coventry born and bred, love it.

Pat, Coventry

The city is constant growing and thriving. It's great to be a part of it.

Sarah Nunn, RBS

I am backing the Bid!

Debbie , Nuneaton

This would be a fantastic opportunity for the City! - fully support

Lee, Holbrooks Coventry

I love the diversity of Coventry, the different people, religions, beliefs. Everyone and anyone has a place here. We truly have a multicultural society here in Coventry and I am so proud to be a part of that.

Micky Sungha, Originally from Essex and moved to Coventry in 2011

Coventry city is thriving! I have been here for over 5 years and have seen drastic changes in regards to investment/development in the city. With the help of Coventry University this city is becoming a vibrant and multicultural city where people enjoy themselves. I am always excited to hear new ventures and plans to improve the city and am happy to call Coventry my home. Considering I lived and worked in London for 22 years, I can see great potential for this city, especially if we win the bid for the City of Culture.

Jonny, Nuneaton

Great city and atmosphere. Feel the history as you walk through the city centre.

Michael, Coventry

The goodwill for this is immense - let's make it happen!

Christine , Cooper

Let's all get behind Coventry 2021 it will benefit us all and make us all proud. Look at Godiva festival to see the culture it's amazing you have my support. #Coventry2021

Charlotte, King’s Lynn

I have heard many people criticise Coventry and there are some unsightly concrete parts but actually I love the city. If you look over the skyline, the city is still being built into a flourishing metropolis. It has had an unfair advantage but it is bouncing back. It may be the underdog but it is full of a wonderful range of lovely people and will grow to be one of the biggest centres in the UK.

Carlin, Coventry

@Coventry2021 @BelgradeTheatre Because the true meaning of being sent to Coventry is a privilage & UKs best kept secret! #changinghistory

Oge, Nigeria

Coventry is everywhere; Everywhere is Coventry.

Nicole Malatesta

I have called Coventry home since I was born. I have seen it change and develop alongside me as I have grown up in the city, from school to college and to University. Coventry is a city of opportunity that is continuously evolving to suit the times and it's people.

pragnesh parekh, India

great feeling

Michaela , Ipswich

Just spent a weekend in Coventry and was really impressed by the place. It’s just waiting to be crowned the cultural hub of the Midlands.

Astrid, Wolvey

Being a Coventry Ambassador has reinforced how proud I am to be from this city. My parents came from Latvia and settled here because of the offer of employment and soon felt welcomed. No, they did not arrive here recently but in 1947. Coventry has a long well-deserved reputation for welcoming people from all over the world. We Coventry Ambassadors can't wait for the chance to meet many more!

Julie Fulea, Coventry

I'm backing the bid because I love our diverse City and want the Country to see this too.

Julia Noble , Hull

Would like to see Coventry follow in the success of Hull in becoming City of Culture

Oscar, Earlsdon Coventry

I really believe Coventry as a city and I think it is such a great diverse cultural city. I am of African decent but I now live in Coventry and I feel at home

Jo, Northampton

I love the diversity we have in Coventry, so many different nationalities and cultures to embrace - makes great opportunity to engage with this to make this an amazing place

Millie, Earlsdon, Coventry

A great city, with a rich history!

Leonie Kearns, Coventry

We are the city of invention, transport, industry and reconciliation. And in our spare time we invented 2 tone, not bad for a little city in the Midlands.

Jack O’Donnell, Coventry

Good luck

Caroline , Coventry

Born and bred Coventry xx love living here !!

Anna, Coventry

I love the diversity of Coventry from it's people, it's sports teams and architecture not to forget its history which has enriched the city over the years

Andrew Davies, Hampton Wick

Coventry, my town from age 2 to 19 is still a centre for great architecture and design, of peace and reconciliation and now a great centre of learning. I'm backing the bid!

Peter Lawley , Warwick, near Coventry

This is a remarkable city. Its unique history and rich modern cultural diversity make it a top choice was a city of culture.

Mark Newbold , Coventry

Coventry is a city of history and innovation. It deserves the opportunity to shine again.

Peterson, Coventry

Very Proud to stand up and call myself a Coventrian.

Mike Kennedy, Coventry

Our City has taken some knocks in recent years but we're bouncing back. We have a great cultural history and a wonderful mix of new culture to build on in the future.

Jack stan, Coventry

I was born in Coventry and its a wonderful city. So proud of the three spires.

Chris N, Coventry

This is our City,we should all be proud of it, support the bid it will so our City the world of good if we can win Ta Chris N ....Cov Kid

Jo from #Covhour , Coventry

So proud of the City - it's a great place to live

Rachael Smith, Coventry

Coventry born and proud of its diversity and attitude. It deserves a lot more attention then it currently gets. So much to offer and humble hidden talent who don't shout anywhere near loud enough. Time for us to shout. I'm backing the bid.

Rachel, Coventry

Moved away now, but still have such a heart for Coventry. This would be amazing for the city, and thoroughly deserved!

Gaynor sharp, Coventry

I support the bid

Jayne, Coventry

Love this city.

Ruth Shirley, North West

Come on Coventry. Let's show some pride in this diverse city!



Alan, Coventry

Often overlooked because of Birmingham but Coventry has some great facilities, fascinating history and a diverse culture.

Phil , Coventry

Home of 2tone and a great melting pot

Dan, Coventry

Innovative city providing the UK and the world with many vehicular legends and adding to the numbers of talented people with support from universities

Claire, Kenilworth, work in Coventry

Would be amazing for Coventry, go go go!!

Kay Brown, Coventry

Lived in this great city all my life and now I am raising my own family and I hope they love the city as much as me.

Fiona, Derry

I've been living in Coventry for several years and I'm proud to come from City of Culture 2013, Derry. Living in this vibrant city going for the same cultural title really excites me. Coventry has a rich and diverse heritage and both telling its story and celebrating it can only strengthen this message and make it a more enjoyable place to to live, work and visit. Just like in Derry, people make the place - that's why I'm backing the bid for Cov!

Lesley , Nuneaton

I'm backing the bid

Gennie, Coventry

Coventry has so much potential, City of Culture 2021 is such a great opportunity to unlock it

Tony Davies, Leamington spa

Coventry has a unique diverse culture,

Daniel Wright, Nuneaton

Being from the town down the road - I think it would be fantastic to see a West Midlands City win it - and it not being Birmingham. Coventry has started embrace the LGBTQ community - and since most Arts and Culture comes from LGBTQ (and Allies) members - it makes proud to support Coventry's Bid as City of Culture for 2021.

Jayne, Coventry

I'm backing the bid as Coventry is a city with a diverse culture that would really benefit from winning City of Culture 2021!

Tara, Coventry

A child of Irish immigrants, I love how multicultural we are as a city. We have a rich and diverse music scene also, not to mention the wonderful (and FREE) Godiva festival. I love my city, I'm proud to call it home.

Tim, Radford

A proud Coventrian who believes this magnificent city of ours deserves greater recognition

Charlotte, Coventry

Coventry is an exciting and diverse place to live! I have lived in many other major cities but none are as wonderful as Coventry!

Amanda , Coventry

Would be great for Coventry to win. Fingers crossed and best of luck to those working hard, trying to make it happen :)

Katie, Stoke on Trent

I moved here from Stoke on Trent and I love how multicultural it is. Everyone deserves a happy life and to live as one nation

Chris, Coventry

Great City, loads to see and do, and more improvements to come.

Nigel Plowman, Willenhall

Coventry is an amazing city to live in with lots of history

Courtenay Williams, I am originally from Northampton but now live in Eastern Green.

I think Coventry has proved to be a resilient city with lots of opportunities and history. From Godiva to the bombings during WW2, the cathedral, the transport museum, the various archaeological digs around the city and the diversity of people and religions, Coventry has proved itself to be rich in culture.

Angela, cheshire

I have lived in Coventry for 15 yrs now enjoy the city very much its compact unlike other citys very easy to get arouned

Jason Moodie ( MotorvateUK), Coventry

Motorvate UK backs the 2021 UK City of Culture Bid for Coventry. We support this Bid at a crucial time when the face & reputation of Coventry City is rapidly changing with all the new builds and investment currently happening . This City has very exciting times ahead which is encouraging for the current and next generation of Coventrians. Motorvate UK working in collaboration with the local authorities and West Midlands Police striving to improve Coventry and the surrounding areas offering bespoke courses and services to young people and adults within our community, Participating and Potentially winning the City of Culture bid 2021 will bring so many positives to Coventry and the good work we all do in making our famous City better for everyone. It's extremely exciting times for all in Coventry and Warwickshire and Motorvate UK are very happy to be part of it........ Jason Moodie (Motorvate UK) Winners of the Coventry Telegraph Contribution towards the Community Award 2016

Robert Tressler , Coventry

It's felt like a European city ever since the future Euro champs rolled into town , love you waspies

Sky Blues in the Community, Based at Ricoh Arena

Everyone at SBITC-Staff,Coaches and Participants back the Bid for Coventry to become City of Culture 2021-our mission'To create opportunities through sport and recreation to engage, motivate and inspire people from all sections of our community, helping them to fulfill their potential'

Kashmire Hawker, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

I may not be Coventry born and bred - or not even live in the city, but Coventry has a uniqueness about it which many other cities don't have. With it being the 9th biggest city in England, sporting success stories with the Wasps and the Blazes, with sights and scenes which similar cities dare to dream having such as St Michael's, the annual Godiva Festival and a great history of Richard III even performing there in his day and with Cov even being twinned with a whopping 26 Cities around the globe, it's no wonder where the uniqueness appears from. I super hope a victory comes and as a result, the benefits for Coventry and the wider region will be long lasting and totally amazing.

Spu, Stoke, Cov

I'm a up and coming artist ready to help Coventry win the bid with a brighter and multi cultural feeling, welcoming everyone who ventures in to the historical city. Its time Coventry was put back on the map, and I want to be a part of that.

Jess, Coventry

Coventry has great cultural heritage - the Godiva Festival is fantastic, the Herbert has excellent exhibits, the Cathedral has a amazing architecture, there's Warwick Arts Centre for creative shows big and small - it's a fantastic place to be!

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