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What's on

Making Coventry’s Clean-Green Future

26 Oct 2019

Coventry Central Hall



15 Sep 2019

Alison Gingell Building


Global Climate Strike and Launch of Climate Action Week

20 Sep 2019

Coventry Council House


Covcon (Coventry Comic Con)

28 Sep 2019

Sports Connexion


International Coventry LGBTQ Film Festival

25 Oct 2019

Coventry Council House


World Premiere – Illegal – “Fight for the Right to Dance”

27 Sep 2019

Coventry City Centre


St James Fletchamstead Art and Crafts Exhibition

15-16 Nov 2019

St James Church...


Vieon: Lost Worlds Live

29 Nov 2019

Backhaus & Co,...


Renewable Energy Sources – a clean vision

19 Sep 2019

Warwickshire Golf Club