Jon Davis

Senior Producer, Dynamic City

Jon is responsible for leading on a revolutionary and pioneering programme of major events for Coventry’s year of Culture in 2021. Delivered across the city in partnerships with the city council, local culture sector and communities as well as internationally significant cultural organisations and artists the programme will create exceptional art and a social movement. Celebrating Coventry as a music city Jon will be responsible for developing a diverse music programme in addition to overseeing the Trust’s international partnerships.

Jon has a strong track record of delivering large scale events with multiple partners and stakeholders. He was a Senior Producer for LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) from 2011 to 2018 and most recently a Creative Programme Developer for the Greater London Authority curating a cultural programme for the Europe’s largest sporting event, the UEFA 2020 Championship.

Titi Dawudu

Programme Manager, Young People and Youthfulness

Titi works with young people right across Coventry, engaging, creating and making with them. She aims to raise the aspirations of young people, change perceptions, encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, fun and a sense of play. She also highlights the fact that Coventry is a youthful city (with an average age of 32) and wants to encourage a youthful spirit across the city.

Titi most recently worked as Learning and Participation Manager for Ovalhouse Theatre in London. Prior to this, she was Head of Operations and Development for a youth-based charity in south London.


Jane Anderson

Place Curator, Dynamic City

Jane works closely with the City Council’s Highways and Regeneration teams to commission artists to be part of their infrastructure programme, to ensure a creative signature is inscribed across a wide range of planned capital works in the city for 2021 and to deliver a new public art strategy that will embed artists and communities into policy making and public realm strategies as a legacy project.

Jane previously has directed CUBE, the centre for the urban built environment and has worked across the UK to deliver strategic public art projects. Jane has held academic positions at MMU, the University of Salford, Ecole Special Architecture Paris, Sheffield School of Architecture and the University of Ulster. Her work has been published in national and International press, television and radio.

Amanda Roberts

Programme Manager, Environment & Green Futures

Amanda is developing a blueprint of good practice to ensure Coventry is the first environmentally-friendly UK City of Culture. Our legacy will create the city’s ‘Coventry Green Code’ for cultural and community events. Her remit evolves the potential for sustainable creative practice, building new stories which respond to the climate breakdown whilst provoking citizen change from food poverty to protecting our biodiversity. Green Futures will develop Coventry as a ‘liveable city’ building the wider ‘Dynamic City’ to be connected to its citizens and its green neighbourhoods.

Amanda was most recently Senior Producer for Gallery 37 at Punch Records. Prior to this she held creative leadership roles at Contact, Deda, mac Birmingham and holds current chair-ship at ecobirmingham.

Tony Guillan

Digital Curator, Dynamic City

Tony is interested in creative uses of technology that empower citizens to shape culture and change society. He works with partners across Coventry to explore the combined potential of 5G, game design, immersive technologies, big data and machine learning for the UK City of Culture in 2021 and beyond. Digital projects will enable co-creation and participation in culture, create innovative new ways of telling stories, and develop “tech for good” applications for health, wellbeing and the environment that have real social impact.

He previously led Tate’s flagship digital commission the IK Prize and has fostered collaboration between artists, technologists and audiences for national institutions, including Tate, The Space, Liverpool Biennial, Imperial War Museums and the Canal & River Trust.

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