Our Producing Team

In order to deliver a collaborative, dynamic and caring programme of work in 2021, that involves citizens, celebrates cultures and creates civic pride, we need a brilliant team to work with us to realise everyone’s dreams and ambitions.

The structure of our creative producing team was set up with communities at the heart of everything we do, and to ensure that the programme that is created is reflective of the people of Coventry that it’s being created for.

The programme for 2021 will be led by 3 teams, each with a specific remit:


We believe the UK City of Culture title is for everyone and belongs to each and every person in Coventry. We will work closely with our community organisations across the city to co-create a programme that is sustainable long after 2021 is over.

The Collaborative City team will cover the 18 wards of the city, immersing themselves in the great work that already happens in our city every day, working with schools, libraries, doctors surgeries, high street businesses, U3A and older voices, community organisations and charities, family hubs and faith groups.

Collaborative City Producers

In these times of austerity and change, Coventry is faced with ongoing issues surrounding poverty and homelessness, increasing issues around our mental health, isolation and inequality experienced by newly arrived communities, and knife crime and safety, particularly amongst young people.

Our Caring City team will be embedded in key organisations and networks in the city that are working to address these issues and will add an additional layer of activity to work towards strengthening communities in the city.

Caring City Producers

Coventry is a creative city. We are playful by nature, 7 years younger than the national average, a test bed for 5G technology in 2021, acutely aware of the impact we’re having on our planet.

This team will be future facing, pioneering new partnerships, new ways of working and people powered.

Dynamic City Producers