The successful applicants of our new International Changemakers Bursary have just been announced. Our Changemakers from Coventry will receive funding to travel to countries around the world to uncover connections, develop ideas and create lasting cultural exchanges.

Music from Kenya, art from South Africa and traditional dance from Jamaica are some of the subjects that will be explored in 20 different Changemakers projects, which will bring a wide range of cultures back to Coventry.

Two successful applicants, Colin Bell and Cherelle Harding, will be visiting one of Coventry’s twin cities – Kingston in Jamaica – in the hope of connecting the cultures and people by re-establishing a Caribbean carnival in Coventry in 2021.

Another project will see Sherrie Edgar travel to Ukraine to establish a connection with a country affected by war further exploring Coventry’s role as a City of Peace and Reconciliation.

The work will spread as far as Cape Town with Coventry artist Colin Yates creating a series of new work alongside South African artists to be showcased ahead of 2021.

Armonico Consort will be bringing the sounds of Coventry to Kenya, before returning with songs from the country’s locales to be re-created in an original composition by the company’s composer Toby Young, set to be performed throughout the city by Armonico’s choirs.

Funded by the British Council, Coventry UK City of Culture’s international partner, the programme will strengthen and evolve Coventry’s longstanding role as city of collaboration and friendship. The artists will develop understanding of contemporary art in these international places as well as some amazing new international creative collaborations, and the visits will support their professional development.

Our full list of International Changemakers projects:

  • Colin Yates, South Africa
  • Lucy Tomlins, India
  • Christopher Monks and Toby Young, Kenya
  • Bal Dhanjal, Julia Nolan, and two emerging leaders from Coventry’s YMCA, India
  • Afiniki Akanet, Nigeria
  • Colin Bell, Jamaica
  • Cherelle Harding, Jamaica
  • Sherrie Edgar, Ukraine
  • Jennifer Verson, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Rosalind Harvey, Mexico
  • Julia O’Connell, Morocco
  • Mollie Davidson, Serbia
  • Mark Worth and Emily Robertson, Rwanda
  • Oliver Scott, China
  • Caroline Horton, Lebanon
  • Christabell Amoakoh, Ghana
  • Reem Doukmak, Turkey
  • Sujana Upadhyay, Cuba
  • Carolyn Deby, Brazil
  • Leon Philips, Zambia

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