As the response to #CoventryGlows was so inspiring, Coventry City of Culture Trust is now expanding the celebration of local heroes and heroines such as key workers and volunteers.

The Trust is calling on the people of Coventry to nominate people who are supporting their communities. 21 Coventry heroes will then be selected to have a professional portrait taken which will feature in a presentation and special event later in the year.

When we talk about a ‘local hero’ we mean anyone who has been providing a service for their city or community. They could be a police officer, retail worker, volunteer, neighbour, community leader, mental health worker, chef, faith leader, vet, bus or train driver, shop assistant, mechanic, gardener, carer or parcel delivery worker.

All heroes are human, and we want to celebrate the diverse acts of heroism that have been taking place across the city. Whether it be a huge volunteering effort organised by a community leader, or simply a grandparent who has learnt to use Skype so that they can video call their grandkids. It could be the shopworker who is disinfecting trolleys at the local supermarket, but still asks you how your day is going and tells you to stay safe. Your next-door neighbour might be working a full-time job from home and home schooling their kids, but always buys you a pint of milk when they do their shopping. All these acts are eligible for a nomination.

Like our #HumansOfCov campaign, this is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible people across Coventry and share heart-warming and personal stories from the pandemic.

Each week Coventry City of Culture Trust will share five top submissions on #5at5 across Twitter and Instagram.

To nominate your local hero send us a maximum 200 word description (written or voice recording) of why they should be included with or without a picture to [email protected].  If you are submitting an entry without the picture, the person must be able/comfortable having their picture taken if they are selected to be one of the final 21.

Submissions will close 10th July.