Coventry UK City of Culture launches The Future Show Coventry


Coventry UK City of Culture Trust has launched a specially commissioned podcast/audio series The Future Show Coventry 2020. The series features the work of 12 young writers from Coventry who offer their creative views of their future and of their home city.

‘The Future Show’ was originally written and performed by theatre-maker and playwright Deborah Pearson. She took the audience through her own imagined future from the minutes after the performance ended to her eventual death decades ahead. The Future Show originally premiered in London at Battersea Arts Centre and went on to tour the Edinburgh Festival and venues and festivals across the world. These 12 young creative had the opportunity to collaborate with Deborah Pearson using the score from the original performance, to create a new version of ‘The Future Show’ to reflect their own lives.

Recorded remotely during lockdown, the series of audio chapters offers insight into the lives, hopes and fears of the 12 young writers and what their imagined future might have in store, including the mundanity of lockdown, relationships with family and friends, dystopian predictions of the effects of social media, and forecasts of final moments on this earth. The series reflects the resilience and creativity of young people in the face of enormous challenges, locally, nationally and internationally.  

The Future Show Coventry 2020 featured writers are:

  • Snya Riaz – from the beginning of the recording Snya examines the many different ways she will connect with the outside world, through the comfort of her room.

  • Nadira Sultana – Nadira boldly addresses the audiences directly by delving into the many different futures they will lead, all connected through listening to the podcast.

  • Angela Mhlanga – from taking the bins out to making a cup of tea, Angela analyses the mundane moments if of everyday life with an invasive detail and description.

  • Riya Parshad – Riya starts by taking the listeners on a step by step journey of a trip outside the home, focusing on the repetition of the commute, thoughts and behaviour.

  • Esther Adesanoye – Esther starts off by creating a vivid picture of the day after the
    recording, using rainy weather and the warmth of home to portray comfort and unease in both settings.

  • Malizah – Malizah’s future begins with light hearted dialogue with housemates accompanied by music, dancing and laughter, soon the conversation begins to unveil deeper and more serious emotions as they speak on the impacts of lockdown and home life.

  • Mafalda Nunes – Mafalda bounces through the calendar using specific dates to determine how life progresses financially, emotionally and mentally.

  • Sam Colby - in the darkness of his room Sam is acutely aware of his solitude and the surroundings silence, Sam’s future-self listens out for suspicious noises and fears the presence of an intruder.

  • Awandiswe Mkwananzi –Awandiswe explores life a year on from now and speaks on the continuing plight of an unjust society.

  • Lanaire Aderemi – in Lanaire’s rendition of the future Twitter has been taken over by an elite few creating a dystopian online world that enforces control on society online and offline.

  • Lewis Goode – Lewis shares a personal story about life, death and family, Lewis predicts an enlightening moment that results in a powerful change in perspective.

  • Chrissie Okorie – Chrissie gives many examples of how the future will be very similar to the past ultimately to consider how the world will continue as normal after her own death and the listener’s death.

Riya Parshad, who contributed to the podcast, said: “I found being on The Future Show project very inspiring. The entire concept is so brilliant and abstract that you can’t help but be fascinated by it. Working alongside others on this project was truly amazing and I’m glad to have been a part of it.”

Titilola Dawudu, Programme Manager for Young People and Youthfulness for Coventry City of Culture Trust, said: “The restrictions we have faced in recent months fly in the face of what it means to be youthful. How can young people feel free when their movements, ambitions and prospects seem at threat of being restricted? The Future Show demonstrates that even at a time of uncertainty and trepidation, the creativity and imagination of young people breaks through these barriers.”

Claire Doherty MBE, Director of Situations said: “This is an imaginative leap into an uncertain future from the confines of lockdown. As the minutes, then hours, years and decades ahead unfold in this tale, we can’t help but think of what our own futures hold and to be reminded of the chance we have to change the story ahead.”  

The Future Show Coventry 2020 is a collaboration between Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and Situations, an arts production company that specialises in public arts projects. 

To listen to and discover more about The Future Show Coventry 2020 click here.