National Curry Week: Turmeric Gold Recipes

9 October 2018

National Curry Week runs from 9th to 15th October. As part of the celebrations local restaurant Turmeric Gold on Spon Street have been in touch with their recipes to help you enjoy your favorites at home, all year round! 

See below for some tasty treats and try your hand at them, you can always keep us updated online with your creations by tagging @Coventry2021 in your facebook, twitter and instagram posts using the hashtag #ThisisCoventry. 



For 4 persons



1kg large chicken cubes (thigh and breast boneless only)

50gm ginger and garlic paste

3gm green chilli paste

salt to taste

80ml malt vinegar

80ml clarified butter

50ml refined oil/sunflower oil (50/50)

50gm gram flour

10gm crushed black peppercorns

80gm breadcrumbs

8 egg yolks


Garnish: sliced tomato, cucumber, onion and lemon wedge



  1. Marinade the chicken with salt, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, malt vinegar and crushed peppercorns and put aside for one hour.
  2. Break the eggs and separate the yolks.  Mix the yolks with a little (touch) salt and oil (25ml), to make a smooth paste.
  3. Heat oil and butter in a kadai.  When hot, add gram flour and brown for a while.  Add the marinated chicken and sauté for 5 minutes.  Add the bread crumbs and stir for 3-4 minutes, remove and put to one side.  Make quick cold.


Cooking procedure:

When cold, skewer 5-6 pieces of chicken closely together and put in the pre-heated tandoor till it gets light golden colour all over.  Remove and coat with the egg yolks mixture quickly and put back in the tandoor until it becomes golden brown.  Then remove on the platter, sprinkle chat masala, add garnish and serve hot.



For 4 persons



600gm fresh hara channa

50ml oil

3gm ginger, chopped

3gm green chilli, chopped

10gm chopped onion

1gm asafoetida

3gm cumin seeds

4pc bay leaf

salt to taste

2ml lemon juice

5gm garam masala powder

1pc red medium ripe tomato cut into 4 wedges


Garnish: 5gm chopped coriander


Cooking procedure:

Heat oil in thick bottomed kadai or pan, add cumin, bay leaf, asafoetida, chopped onion, ginger, green chilli and sauté for two minutes.  Add hara channa and cook until done at medium heat.  Add lemon juice, tomato, coriander half and garam masala powder.  Garnish with chopped coriander and cooked tomato on top, serve hot.



A very basic sherbet that can be adapted to include your favourite fruits and sherbets.

For 4 persons



960 ml/ 4 cup pineapple juice

400gm fresh or canned cantaloupe melon, diced

100gm powdered sherbet mix (pineapple-lemonade sherbet mix)

crushed ice

4pc maraschino cherry, to decorate


Cooking procedure:

Combine the pineapple juices, melon and sherbet mix in the blender and process until smooth.  Pour over crushed ice and serve with a maraschino cherry.



For 4 persons



For the Kofte:

6pc raw bananas

5gm fresh ginger, chopped

2gm green chilli, chopped

2gm cumin seed powder

1gm asafoetida (king)

5 gm garam masala powder

salt to taste


For the gravy:

250gm beaten curd

2gm cloves

4 pc bay leaves

2gm cumin seeds

10gm chopped onions

6gm green chilli and ginger, chopped

25ml oil

2gm turmeric powder

5gm garam  masala powder

50ml water

salt to taste


For garnish:

2ml cream

5gm coriander, chopped


Cooking procedure:

Boil and peel raw bananas and mash them.  Add the rest of the Kofte ingredients to make balls and deep fry until golden.  Heat oil for the gravy, in thick bottomed pan, add the cumin seeds, cloves, bay leaf, asafoetida, onions, ginger and green chilli.  Cook for five minutes,then add beaten curd, turmeric, garam masala powder and water to adjust the constituency.  Adjust the seasoning.  Add the koftas, simmer for a few minutes before serving.  Garnish with cream and chopped coriander. Serve hot.

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