Hundreds gather for Highly Sprung’s ‘HOME’

19 September 2019

The wall of a Coventry building was lit up by colourful projections depicting the city’s past, present and future at a ‘sell-out’ show.

An audience of 500 people were dazzled by HOME, a stunning piece which combined high-flying aerial performance, choreography, projections and an electronic sound score in a collaboration between Coventry-based Highly Sprung and aerial theatre pioneers Upswing.

The show took place on the side of Coventry University’s Alison Gingell building with additional performances on the road and street below. The video projections provided by Illuminos, together with the soundtrack behind it by Tom Haines, paid homage to the city’s architecture, our industry and pioneering spirit as well as the people who call Coventry home.

Coventry University showcased one of its newest buildings in a unique way to hundreds of new students arriving for the start of term that night. The event was part of Coventry’s successful Heritage Open Days, celebrating new architecture next to old, as this unique energetic city continues to re-invent itself around its constantly changing inhabitants.

HOME was supported by Coventry City of Culture Trust, through Coventry’s Great Place Project.

Jacqui Ibbotson, of the Trust, said: “This unique performance shone a spotlight onto our homegrown talent. It combined the skills of local and national artists, and was developed in partnership with young people and local citizens from our communities.

“This newly commissioned work combined dance, theatre, aerial circus, film and projections and expressed our identity as a city of creativity, of industry and a city with a strong sense of community. The final scene of ‘a city in bloom’ was very relevant to the exciting times ahead with City of Culture 2021.”

Sarah Worth, of Highly Sprung, said: “The event was free but there was a capacity of 500 which booked out very quickly. It was great to see so many people turning out for this event and enjoying this incredible spectacle on the side of a city building – we had fantastic feedback!

“There was a beautiful line in the piece that said ‘a city cannot be defined by its buildings but the people who run through its veins’, which really seemed to resonate with the audience.”

Councillor Linda Bigham, the Lord Mayor of Coventry, added: “I thought it was absolutely wonderful – Coventry hasn’t seen anything like it before and that is really exciting as we build towards UK City of Culture in 2021.”

HOME was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England, via Coventry City of Culture’s Great Place scheme.

What’s Next in the Great Place Programme? COVENTRY RE-IMAGINED on 24th September, 6.30pm at Coventry Central Library – a presentation and ‘question time’ on Coventry’s new architecture and urban design.

Book free tickets at:

FREE Coventry Re-Imagined Tickets

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