GILL YARDLEY - City Host Case Study

Gill Yardley - City Host Case Study

You don’t need any experience of volunteering to become a City Host, but some City Hosts, like Gill, have plenty!

Gill has lived in Coventry all her life. She loves the city and all it stands for, which shines through in the way she’s spent her time since retirement. Gill has previously volunteered for the Probation Service and more recently as a Trustee of Jubilee Crescent Community. Gill also enjoys acting and has featured in several plays at the Belgrade Theatre. Now, as a City Host, she shares what inspired her and what she’s gained from the experience so far.

What inspired you to sign up to be a City Host?

Since retiring I know I need to stay in the world and go out and meet others. I am a Coventry kid and love my city. I felt it would be fun to pass on some of the knowledge I had about Coventry to others.

What have you gained from your experience as a City Host so far?

I have made a lot of friends and love coming across those I have worked with previously at different events. I have loved getting inside buildings and seeing exhibitions that maybe would not have been available without my trusty City Host uniform. I love being part of a band of people who all feel the same – I’ve found it to be very life-affirming.

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming a City Host?

Do it! It is easy, and others will support you. You get good briefing, and however much you think you know about things, you unwittingly learn a lot more! The friendliness for me is a big plus. You will not be lonely!