Walking Forest Call-Out

Walking Forest Camp: Call-Out for Participants

Invitation to apply for Walking Forest Camp - with Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

Thursday 27th May -  Sunday 30th May, At Rough Close Scout Camp, Coventry 

‘Courage calls to courage everywhere’ (Millicent Fawcett 1913) 

Come and plant a seed of courage.




Are you concerned about climate breakdown, racial, social and health injustice or the way people are unequally impacted by the effects of climate change?

This is a non-residential camp for women (defined as anyone who identifies as a woman), inspired by the natural world, hoping to make positive change in their communities and the wider world.

Would you like to learn more about performing, writing, making or creating in general?

Would you like to find more courage to act for change?

If any of the above sounds like you we’d love to meet you...

We are four artist change-makers, Anne-Marie, Lucy, Ruth Shelley, hosting a three-day training camp for people who identify as women age 16+ in the Coventry area.


About The Walking Forest Camp

Pre-Application Information Sessions

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Supporters

Image: Hands holding plants and roots. Image credit: Walking Forest

Image: Hands holding plants and roots. Image credit: Walking Forest

About The Walking Forest Camp

Walking Forest Camp - supported by National Heritage Lottery Fund #GreenFutures 

The Walking Forest camp invites women (defined as anyone who identifies as a woman), to explore ways of living that are grounded in care, equality, respect, co-operation and action, and draw inspiration from the natural world, particularly trees and woodlands.  

The camp will take place outdoors. Activities will include practical skills including cooking on a fire, seed propagation and tree care, craft and making, plus: sharing stories, learning about our Earth's rights and the links between social and environmental justice.

We will learn together about the latest climate science and why protecting the natural world is so important. We will hear from some of the many women across the world who are standing up to protect trees, forests, lands and rivers (these women are sometimes called ‘Earth activists’ or ‘defenders’) and about the history of women who have fought for change in the past here in Coventry. What insight and action might you take back your household or community?

On Saturday 5th June or Sunday 6th June 2021 we will gather again to carry out a public action in a site in Coventry or nearby created from ideas and creative expressions shared during the camp. 

In the Autumn there is a possibility of working together again to create a large-scale performance action in Coventry and then taking this to the COP26 (Council of Parties) United Nations International Climate Talks in Glasgow in November 2021.

Pre-Application Information Sessions

We are holding three Walking Forest Information Sessions online in April and May, where you can meet the artists and ask more questions.

Information Sessions will take place on

  • Thursday 29 April 10.30am-11.30am,
  • Thursday 6 May 4.30pm-5.30pm
  • Thursday 13 May 10.30am-11.30am 

If you would like to book your place on one of the Information Sessions or if you would like to have a conversation about the Camp and have any questions please contact: Amber Merrick Potter (Coventry 2021 Projects Producer) on 07715 931 922 or email: [email protected]

How to Apply

This is an open invitation for you – or someone you might know - and the camp is free of charge with support for participants access needs including childcare. 

We want to make sure there is a balance of ideas and experiences at the Walking Forest Camp, so we would like to know a little about you and how you would benefit from this opportunity. Please do tell us about yourself as part of the application form which can be found in the link below. 

Walking Forest Camp Application Form

You can do this by either, sharing a video, a short written submission or sending examples of your artwork. Submit whatever you feel tells us more about you and why you would benefit from this opportunity. 

Deadline for Applications: We will be reviewing applications until the 14th May, so suggest you do not wait to get your application in.  You will hear whether you have gotten a place by Wednesday 19th May at the latest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare, what costs do you cover and will we be fed? Come prepared for all kinds of weather - bring shoes that keep your feet dry, warm clothes and waterproofs if you have them - we can supply if not. We can cover travel costs and contribute some support for childcare and we will keep you fed throughout!

Can women of all ages attend? This opportunity is for women, including those who identify as women Yes, we would like to welcome a diversity of female participants and create a camp where life experiences, knowledge and learning is shared across age groups (16 years +). 

Can you give me more information about the kinds of things we will do? We will learn and share stories about women, from different cultures, who have fought for change now and in the past; how to collectively create and plan an action for positive change; how to express your ideas in different creative ways; how to light and cook on a fire, some practical skills. How to find and speak with your true voice and how to be heard and seen. 

If I'm not an artist or activist can I still come? Yes! You don’t need to be an artist or even consider yourself as creative, just bring a willingness to try new things and have a go. 

Is this a voluntary opportunity? This is a voluntary opportunity for participation – there will be no payments made for your participation and there is no cost for taking part.

Spoken English is not my first language - will there be anyone at the camp who can help me understand? We hope to be able to provide interpreter support if you need it. Please get in touch to find out more.

I would love to come but don’t have outdoor gear. We can help and advise on what you will need and should be able to lend anything you need so please don’t let that stop you from applying. 

I have caring responsibilities am I able to attend? We would like the Forest Camp experience to be immersive as possible – including your time commitment - but have a chat with us how this would work with your caring responsibilities. We have some funding to support with caring responsibilities and any Care Support staff would be accommodated throughout your time on the project.

I have other access needs which may prevent me from attending, is additional access support available? Please feel free to make these known in confidence when you apply and of course, please do talk with us beforehand if it helps us or you to understand what support you might require when joining us. 

I love trees, plants and wildlife but have never studied, will I be expected to know a lot about nature? No. What is important is your passion and love for the natural world, Earth justice and that all life on Earth is treated fairly and equally. Everyone has something to share whatever their life experience.

How will I get there? We have some funding to support travel costs please contact us to find out more.

Will we be camping? No, this is a non-residential camp held at Rough Close, with the exact timings to be confirmed - but will include one evening. 

Can I bring my children, friends or my dog? Unfortunately, we can’t have any additional people or pets at the camp for health & safety reasons. If you require the support of an assistance animal – please let us know. 

Will I need to bring food? Hot vegetarian food will be provided and drinks available throughout the camp. We will ask you in advance if you have any special dietary requirements and will do our best to cater for them.  

I am 16 and I want to come - how do I get permission to attend? We will need to see written permission or a letter of support from your family, guardian or school.

Do I need to sign up for the camp and the action the following week?  If you attend the camp, we would like you to commit to the June event also. The two activities are linked together, and they give a rich, supported experience of creative activism - in action.

I don’t live in Coventry, can I attend? The camp is for people for whom Coventry is a significant place. We will prioritise Coventry residents – including Warwickshire, extending to North Warwickshire (eg: Nuneaton, Bedworth), Solihull and Rugby.

How will you select participants? If I am not successful, are there other ways to get involved? We are looking for a balanced and mixed group of women of different ages and cultures that reflect the makeup of Coventry – we ae looking for people who will benefit from the opportunity and use it to make change in their communities and lives. Unfortunately, spaces are limited, if you are not selected there are still ways to be involved with Walking Forest and Coventry 2021. Please sign up to Coventry 2021 newsletter to find out more.

Project Supporters

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