Time for Nature – Juneau Projects in Spon End

Time for Nature – Juneau Projects in Spon End

Rose Community Centre and Koco Community Centre

To register, please select from the dates below:

Koco Community Centre: 4 May – 10:30am -1:30pm

Koco Community Centre: 4 May – 3pm - 6pm

Rose Community Centre: 3 May – 10:30am - 1:30pm

Help make a series of sculptural wildlife clocks with artists Juneau Projects!

We are looking for groups who would like to help design and make a series of clocks that will be displayed throughout Spon End. The clocks will show the kind of wildlife that could be encouraged to live along the river Sherbourne and the surrounding area. There will be two workshops to attend - one to design the clock and one to make the wildlife decoration.

You don’t need any creative experience, just enthusiasm! Ben and Phil from Juneau Projects will talk you through the process of designing the clock through drawing and painting methods, leading to modelling your chosen plant or animal in clay for the clock face during the workshop.

We’re looking for groups of up to about 3 - 5 people to work on each clock. You might be a group of friends or colleagues who want to make something interesting and inspiring for the local area. If you are an individual you can still take part - sign up for the workshops and we can add you into a group on the day.

What will happen with the clocks?

The clocks will be displayed in public areas in Spon End and launched as part of Wildlife Gathering.

Why clocks?

The theme of clocks was suggested by local residents as a link with the history of clock making in the area. In relation to local wildlife, it is a metaphor for the idea of making time for nature in the city.

This project began as a series of workshops where we met people in the community and discussed the kind of project they would like to see in the area. People wanted to share a message about Spon End’s history and its future as being a part of the city that can be welcoming for wildlife.

Commissioned by Coventry City of Culture Trust, in collaboration with The River Sherbourne Valley Project for #GreenFutures supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund

About Juneau Projects

Juneau Projects was formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler. Our work is made in collaboration with other people, ranging from one-off workshops that introduce people to a skill or technique to long term projects working with communities to create artworks for their area. We work across a broad range of media including sculpture, animation, print making, Riso printing, performance, music and public art. We are interested in the urge people have to be creative, how that has manifested throughout history and how we can work with groups to create work together.

Junea Projects have exhibited at venues including Tate Britain (London), PS1 (USA), Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt), Grizedale Arts (Cumbria), IKON (Birmingham), Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (Japan), Tatton Park Biennial (UK), Somerset House - Kings Cultural Institute/Up Projects (London), Lismore Castle Arts (Ireland) & Two Chairs, Vermont (USA).