NELLY - City Host Case Study

What inspired you to sign up to be a City Host?

I love volunteering, being out and meeting new people and I wanted to give something back. I have volunteered in many other capacities before and have a passion for supporting people.

What have you gained from your experience as a City Host so far?

Being a City Host has given me more knowledge of my city and I’ve been able to see different things in Coventry and see how beautiful our city is.

Being a Team Leader has given me confidence to be able to lead and learn at the same time. I enjoy seeing smiles on my teams faces and being valued.

My favourite shift has to be the ice-skating event ‘Coventry Glides’ as I loved seeing everyone enjoy themselves.

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming a City Host?

Come and join us! We do some amazing things.

Image: City Host Nelly

Image: City Host Nelly