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Welcome to our funding page, here you can find out about our latest funding opportunities as well as contact details of the regional and national funding boards who may be able to help you realise your projects, whether they are related to our year as UK City of Culture 2021 or simply a topic you are passionate about.

Please note, the contact details of funding boards listed in the PDF at the bottom of this page are not delivering funding specific to 2021, except the Heart of England Community Foundation who are administering the Coventry UK City of Culture Fund on our behalf.

Upcoming Meet the Funder events

Meet The Funder: Coventry City Centre

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 2:30-6:15pm at Coventry Central Hall, Warwick Lane CV1 2HA

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National and Regional Funding

On 30 April 2019 we hosted the first Meet The Funder event at Central Hall, Coventry. The sold-out event highlighted the types of funding available to artists, creatives and cultural organisations looking to source initial, or extra income for projects they are looking to run.

This event was not specifically tailored toward pitching ideas for 2021 but was instead a useful resource for anyone looking to find out more about the type of funding available in the UK.

The presentations, delivered by Arts Council England, Heart of England Community Foundation, National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery Community Fund were filmed and are avaialble to view further down this page.

Please click the link below to find out contact details of the funding organisations who attended, their information has been provided as an open resource for anybody to contact with questions or queries regardless of whether you attended the Meet The Funder event or not.

Our Meet The Funder contact and information sheet, detailing regional and national funding organisations, can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Contact Details of Funding Organisations – PDF

The Coventry UK City of Culture Fund

Having won the title ‘UK City of Culture 2021’ the Coventry City of Culture Trust is keen to support existing and potential partners as they seek to play a full and active role in the run-up to 2021.

The Coventry UK City of Culture Fund has been launched by the Coventry City of Culture Trust in partnership with the Heart of England Community Foundation, who administer the fund.

There are two streams of funding available for artists, charities and other organisations to apply for.

The first is the Get Ready Fund, with grants of up to £5,000 available, which can support a range of activity to help prepare for 2021.

The second is the Road to 2021 Fund and this offers grants of up to £5,000 for individuals and £10,000 for organisations.

For full information and application criteria for funding please click the button below. Please also read the Fund Factsheet before applying, available here.

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Watch it Again: Meet The Funder Presentations

The presentations that were given by four funding organisations at our first Meet The Funder on 30 April 2019 were recorded and are available to view below:

Arts Council Funding Presentation (30.04.19)

Heart of England Community Foundation – ‘The Road to 2021’ and ‘Get Ready’ Fund Presentation (30.04.19)

National Lottery Community Fund Presentation (30.04.19)

National Lottery Community Fund Presentation (30.04.19)

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