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If you have a question that’s not answered below, please drop us a line on and we’ll answer your question and get it on here to help others out too.

What are the key dates from here?

Our first major event since winning the title UK City of Culture 2021 will be Shop Front Festival on the 23rd – 24th March. We will work with Theatre Absolute to put on music, drama and dance throughout the City Centre’s shop fronts.  This pilot festival will show what a weekend in 2021 could feel like.

There will also be a chance to attend a public meeting towards the end of February/beginning of March. Sign up to our newsletter and social media accounts to keep up to date.

We are recruiting our Artistic and Executive Directors and hope to have them in post between June and September.

We will start recruiting for further roles in May.

Our workforce will be up to approximately 45 in 2019.

There will be events this year, so keep your eyes peeled for news and announcements


How can I get involved as a:

Supplier/small business?

We will be tendering for the majority of our contracts. Do register interest through our website. Where possible, we would like to use local suppliers.

Arts organisation?

Bear with us, until we have the Creative Director in post.  There will be an Artist group meeting Feb/March time. And as always, please sign up to newsletter.

At present we will not be able to consider funding requests but will announce any change to this on our website.


We won’t be recruiting for volunteers until the end of 2019 but in the short term do send details of your interest to We will have a policy in place if you don’t have access to the internet.


There will be an Education Officer in place that will work with schools, but not until further in future.


We continue to welcome new backers and to invite them to a range of events.


What benefits will the region feel now and going forward?

  • Estimated 2.55million visitors over 2021 year
  • £1billion total over course of the 4 years


What are the plans for the legacy of Coventry’s time as City of Culture?

Coventry City of Culture Trust will continue into the future, with a number of core staff. Coventry City Council has already confirmed their funding for legacy and other conversations are being had.

Hull announced their legacy plans in September 2017 – creating an informed legacy.


What’s the long term programme? 

Take a look inside the Initial Bid document, part of the 2021 programme is in there. Approximately half of the 2021 year was planned as part of our winning bid, but the whole programme will start to be firmed up once the Creative Director is in place.


When are you changing the website?

You’ll notice some changes on the website already, and we are looking at what the website will look like as we work towards 2021.


Is your logo changing?

We’ve changed our logo slightly by dropping the word bid and changing the strapline but other than that the bright and colourful brand that you’ve got to know is sticking around for at least the next year or so.


Can anyone use your logo?

Donors and sponsors have their own logos that they’re welcome to use, and then everyone is welcome to use our community logo on promotional material for events. If you are unsure which logo to use or you would like to run anything by us, please get in touch.


Public Final Bid?

We’re working on this now and it should be ready by the end of Feb.

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