YOUTHFUL CITIES PROGRAMME - Coventry x Nairobi: Digital Storytelling Lab

The Digital Storytelling Lab is a unique creative programme that saw a project team of 12 young creatives (filmmakers, digital artists, writers, musicians and changemakers) collaborate remotely across Nairobi and Coventry to develop two bold new digital stories to inspire change within their cities.

Exploring issues such as youth unemployment and life post-graduation, the final works entitled Our Daily Bread and Now That I Know Things - have been created using immersive storytelling techniques and made with a suite of cutting edge tools from BBC MakerBox.

Both works will also be showcased as part of Day Three of the Global Youth Series on the 28th April and are available to experience online on BBC Taster.

As a sneak preview, you can watch the trailers below:

Our Daily Bread - An Interactive Short-film

Join two 20 year-olds (Njeri & Luke) in this interactive short film as they navigate their way through the growing pains and issues that come with job-hunting across two cities.

By Team Our Daily Bread - James Grubb (Coventry), Tracy Mwaura (Nairobi), Naserian Koikai (Nairobi), Michael Mihoc (Coventry), Mike Khakame (Nairobi) and Demy Jozeph (Coventry)

Watch Our Daily Bread


Now That I Know Things - A Spatial Audio Experience:

Explore the range of thoughts, feelings and experiences of Aisha in Nairobi and Sara in Coventry as they navigate their graduation days. 

By Team Katanade - Millan Kiptum (Nairobi), Precious Narotso (Nairobi), Analo Kanga (Nairobi) and Lanaire Aderimi (Coventry)

Watch Now That I Know Things

The Digital Storytelling Lab is a unique partnership between Coventry City of Culture Trust, British Council, The Space and BBC R&D.