Youthful Cities Programme - Coventry X Bogota: Street Art Exchange

Six young artists from Coventry and six young artists from Bogota have met online through the last year, sharing reflections on their cities and their priorities as street artists to develop and create new murals in each city, led by local arts organisations (Graffwerk and Jay McKeown – Coventry) and Vertigo Graffiti (Bogota).

Both cohorts have identified ownership of public space as a priority for young people, as a place to communicate, challenge and be creative.  

In September, the Coventry cohort created a new mural at FarGo Village, the mural celebrates Coventry’s history and present, with designs that update Coventry icons such as Lady Godiva in the issues of today. In January, the Bogota young artists will create their own new mural in the city with a design that reflects upon the challenges that have faced young people in Bogota over the last year, but that stands up and confronts challenges with joy and stands in solidarity with marginalised communities within their city.  

Where to see it -  If you haven’t seen it yet, do check out the Youthful Cities Programme mural at FarGo Village (Far Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5ED), and find out more about its creation on the Youthful Cities Programme playlist on the Coventry City of Culture YouTube Channel. Stay tuned in the new year to find out more about the Bogota mural and the process and story behind it.  

Young Artists:  

Rory McKenna (Coventry), Tariq Phillip Evans (Coventry), Cameron Armstrong (Coventry), Kiene Tuckley (Coventry), Luke Spencer (Coventry), Machila Kennedy (Coventry), Daniela Martínez – Plasma (Bogotá), Sebastián Calderón Cortés – Chulo  (Bogotá), Ana Lucía Morales Pulido – Alucina (Bogotá), Tatiana Contreras – Micromomentos (Bogotá), Paula Andrea Lemus – Naranjita (Bogotá), Mauricio Moscoso – MRZ (Bogotá) 

Youthful Cities programme: Coventry x Bogota at FarGo Village

Find out more about the making of the mural in FarGo Village, Coventry

Stand Strong | Youthful cities programme: Coventry x Bogota

Find out more about the making of the mural in The Bronx Creative District, Bogota