YOUTHFUL CITIES PROGRAMME - Coventry x Beirut: Poetry & Spoken Word

The Youthful Cities Poetry and Spoken Word exchange brought 12 young writers and poets from Coventry and Beirut together through Spring and Summer 2021 to create a new spoken word performance ‘Transnational Lag Express’ and short film ‘Not Much Longer Now’ that were both premiered at the BBC Contains Strong Language Festival in September.

Supported by local organisations B.A.C.E (Coventry) and Rusted Radishes (Beirut), Transnational Lag Express is a bold and commanding exploration of youth identity in the Coventry, and ‘Not Much Longer Now’ a powerful mediation on Beirut’s identity and the challenges and choices young people continue to face there. Both pieces came from a collaborative process of exploration and creation and share underlying themes and motifs while telling distinct stories.  

Where to see it - Both pieces are available to watch online on the Youthful Cities Programme playlist on the Coventry City of Culture YouTube Channel, they will also be performed as part of Birmingham’s Verve Poetry Festival on the 19th February 2022.  

Young Artists:  

Megan Waters (Coventry), Theotima Ioannou (Coventry), Lewis Driver (Coventry), Alice Richmond (Coventry), Christina Okorie (Coventry), Kelvin Adomako Ampong (Coventry), J.D Harlock (Beirut), Nur Turkmani (Beirut), Amina Hassan (Beirut), Yasmina Tabbal (Beirut), Nour Annan (Beirut), Alfred Jeffrey Naddaff (Beirut) 

Youthful Cities programme: Coventry x Beirut | Transnational Lag Express