Festival of Ideas

Coventry has always been a home to curious eyes and new ways of thinking. The Festival of Ideas, which will span Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture, will get the city thinking, talking and confronting the big issues of our time. National and international collaborations with groundbreaking organisations will bring political debate, citizens’ assemblies, talks, conferences and interviews to the heart of Coventry - and everyone is invited.

The first events are on sale now, with more to be announced as the year continues.

Image: Festival of Ideas logo.

Image: Festival of Ideas logo.


Big Tent Ideas Festival 2021

Join us for a day of conversation, discussion and debate exploring how the UK City of Culture could be a catalyst for cultural and economic regeneration in 2021 and beyond.



Made in the Midlands Podcast

July - October 2021

What does it mean to be a Midlander?

The Made in the Midlands podcast explores our regional identity through the voices of those who are from the Midlands and have risen to prominence in Britain.

The Island

Sunday 11 July

Imagine you find yourself on an island in the sea, not far from the mainland. You live there with all kinds of people. How can you best protect the island and the islanders if a disaster strikes the land?

This spring, 12 Coventry residents start this journey. The recorded interviews and sessions will be edited into a short film that will premiere on 11 July followed by a panel and audience discussion.