Joe Cook: Barriers to Bridges

Joe Cook is a musician, lyricist and music producer from Birmingham UK. Joe has been working across three different Extended Learning Centres (Pupil Referral Units) across Coventry working with young people to create their own original music and lyrics. All the tracks are drawing upon the young people's life experiences, observations and frustrations. Through various creative workshops, conversations and recording sessions Joe has worked alongside the young people to create a body of work covering subjects such as youth violence, mental health, the education system and social justice. Each track has been created by the young people including cross site and intergenerational collaborations between the young people. Each track has been engineered by Jake Cunningham and visuals created by Jam-AV Media Productions.

Joe is continuing to work with young people in the ELCs to create more musical and visual content to be part of the ‘Barriers to Bridges Project’.


FKAY: Pray for Coventry

FKAY reflects on his life and surroundings in the city of Coventry.

Lil DJ: All These Karens

Lil DJ talks about the stereotypes of ELC students.

Loose: Lookout

Loose pens a message to the youth.

Yunis: Samurai

An anime inspired beat produced by Yunis.

MIST3R MIST3RY: Sentence

A conversation between two voices in the mind of man who’s committed a serious crime.

Yunis: Beat II

Inspired by Travis Scott a beat produced by Yunis.

Christian: Propane

Christian explores mental health and how music is a positive force for good in his life.

Leo Perry: Intro/The Piece

Leo Perry is a visual artist from Coventry. Leo uses music to influence and inspire his illustrations. Leo explains his process and produces an improvised visual art piece.

Croot: Pen and Pad

Croot reflects on his childhood and how lyricism is vital part of his life.

K3: Life of This Yout

K3 uses a mixture of spoken word poetry and UK Drill music to reflect and come to terms with tragedies within his life.

KB: Lord Forgive Me

KB talks about his surroundings in the city of Coventry and his experience in the education system.

90K: Role Models

90K rhymes about role models within young peoples live and his experience in education.

FKAY: Pick Up The Pen

FKAY writes a message to the younger generation.