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29 Jul 2019, 08:45 - 23 Aug 2019, 15:30

Are you harbouring a budding scientist or engineer?

Nurture their love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) with our fun and educational holiday clubs for 8-14 year olds

Our Ofsted-registered STEMtastic Holiday Clubs are fun, energetic, structured days of science & technology experiments. Each day will encourage your children’s natural curiosity and provide a safe space for experimentation and learning.

What’s a typical day like?
Our days are packed with activities, such as creative exploration, raging reactions, moving machines, digestion day and other engaging experiments!

You can expect our STEMtastic Holiday Clubs to:

Provide inspirational and informative activities linked the national curriculum.

Challenge and support your children\’s learning.

Nurture creative, inventive minds through a journey of discovery.

Cover a range of topics to excite and engage all interests.

Explore science, technology, engineering and maths safely while still having fun.

Themes for the event:

Monday 29th July Da Vinci Day – science, maths, engineering and art combined to explore the best of Da Vinci

Tuesday 30th July Skeletons Galore– bones and muscles including a real dissection!

Wednesday 31st July Rainbow Chemistry – explore acids and alkalis in this chemistry day!

Thursday 1st August Mysterious Magic– learn magic tricks and the science behind them!

Friday 2nd August The Science of Shapes – why do certain shapes appear in nature? Why are honeycombs hexagon shaped? Discover why!

Monday 5th August Amazing Archimedes – mathematician, physicist engineer and inventor – test some Archimedes inventions!

Tuesday 6th August Thrilling Teeth – examine a real animal jaw and find out how teeth do their job!

Wednesday 7th August Gloopy Glue – make your own glues and test them!

Thursday 8th August Super Sound – explore how sound is made and make some noise!

Friday 9th August Coding Without Computers! Learn how to use instructions to achieve an aim!

Monday 12th August Newton – rediscover Newtons discoveries and make a Newtons cradle!

Tuesday 13th August Bioplastics – including making plastic from Milk!

Wednesday 14th August It’s elemental! – explore some of the elements in the periodic table!

Thursday 15th August Fantastic Physics – how many physics experiments can you do in a day? Come along and find out!

Friday 16th August Chain Reactions – build a Rube Goldberg style machine. How long can you make yours?

Monday 19th August Time for Time – make a timer and explore the perception of time

Tuesday 20th August DNA day- extract DNA and explore the role of DNA

Wednesday 21st August Bubble Mayhem- how are bubbles made? How many bubbles are there in your drink?

Thursday 22nd August Astonishing Astronomy – explore the sky during the daytime and learn about stars.

Friday 23rd August Simple Machines – explore pulleys, levers and gears and see what you can make!

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Howes Primary School (CV3 5EH)

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